David’s Tuesday Tips (#9)*

Here’s your paradoxical tip of the day!

Once you develop unconditional self-esteem, try to get rid of it as soon as possible!

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8 thoughts on “David’s Tuesday Tips (#9)*

    • :Yup! You are so right. So you will want, instead, to develop unconditional self-esteem. Once you’ve got it, get rid of it as fast as possible, since it’s just another perfectionist trap! I have no self-esteem and no “self” (most of the time), and I’m having lots of fun! Though life has bumps on the road, and I often feel hurt, sad, and disappointed, too. david

  1. That doesn’t make sense. Why would I rid of what makes me feel good? Something that tells me that I can achieve goals and to be down to earth. It’s very difficult to see it. But my guess: having self-esteem also means comparing yourself with someone or with your past and future self. But when you leave it behind, you realize that you are not a good or bad being, you only have bad and good actions and those that are in the middle.

  2. Here’s a way I suppose you can think it: Imagine that you are never hungry and you don’t need food. How much would food be part of your thinking? If you’re never starving or having a need for food the thoughts about food disappear. If you think this way about self-esteem then why bother with thoughts on self-esteem when there are other life matters to attend to?

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