089: Ask David: How fast can I taper off my psychiatric medications?

“How fast can I taper off my psychiatric medications?”

In this podcast, David and Fabrice answer five intriguing questions submitted by listeners:

  1. Joshua: How can I cope with panic attacks during job interviews?
  2. Dan: I feel traumatized by criticisms from my boss at work. what can I do?
  3. Susan: How fast can you taper off of anti-anxiety drugs and antidepressants?
  4. Ross: What if a patient who’s been the victim of trauma or abuse asks for a male therapist? Isn’t this a form of avoidance? Should patients be matched to therapists based on gender? Isn’t it best to avoid the situations that trigger you?
  5. Sumit: I think I have “endogenous depression.” Can TEAM-CBT help me? Or will I have to rely on medications? What is endogenous depression?

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2 thoughts on “089: Ask David: How fast can I taper off my psychiatric medications?

  1. Hi David and Fabrice, another excellent podcast. I love how well you two interact, with your complementary personalities. I loved it when David starts going off on the nipple-less t-shirt interview and Fabrice is saying “I am having trouble picturing that”, when what I think he was really thinking was “I do not want to picture that”! Or am I doing some ill-advised mind reading? Anyway, my question is this:

    When I first started listening to your TEAM approach, I thought it was literally a team approach, having two counselors/psychologists interacting with the patient at the same time. Now I know better what TEAM means, but do you think a team TEAM approach is good? I notice that many of your podcast/facebook sessions will have two or more therapists working together. Do you think that provides more benefits than standard one on one therapy. Are there any drawbacks to a team TEAM approach? Thanks!

    • Thanks, TJ, good question, thanks. Usually, TEAM is done with one therapist, and usually I am doing it that way. But when I teach, I like to engage with a co-therapist, as that can make for a richer therapeutic and training and learning experience for those who are watching. And as I age and mellow a little, I find I really enjoy hanging out with folks and working together as a TEAM team! All the best, david

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