Solution to David’s Tuesday Tip #5*

This was yesterday’s paradoxical tip–

Most therapeutic failure–and patient resistance–results from the therapist’s compulsive urge to “help” or rescue to the patient.

When patients are stuck and not improving in spite of the therapist’s most sincere efforts, the problem nearly ALWAYS results from the fact that the therapist has not dealt with the patient’s resistance. There are two forms of resistance for depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and habits and addictions. In TEAM-CBT, we bring the patient’s resistance to conscious awareness and melt it away with a variety of powerful and compassionate techniques. If the therapist learns how to do this skillfully, it vastly accelerates recovery!

Many (perhaps most) therapists entered the field because they have been wounded personally, and because they want to help others. But this very understandable and compassionate urge can also get in the way of effective treatment. When you jump in and try to help someone who is suffering, they will nearly always resist your efforts. This is not only true in therapy, but also in your interactions with friends, colleagues, and family members who are depressed and anxious.

Of course, compassion IS important and helping IS crucial–but you have to know how to go about it, and that takes training, in my opinion!

Thanks for tuning in today! I have to exit as I am about to supervise one of the Stanford psychiatric residents this afternoon.


* Copyright © 2018 by David D. Burns, MD.

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