Enjoy David’s Fabulous Canadian Summer Intensive!*

Coming in July! My annual Canadian summer intensive!

“Advanced Cognitive Therapy for
Depression and Anxiety Disorders”

Whistler, BC, Canada
July 3 – 6, 2018

This brief video will explain why you should attend!

For workshop description / registration details, click–Jack Hirose & Associates Inc.
Phone: 604.924.0296, Toll-free: 1.800.456.5424

You’ll LOVE this workshop and you’ll learn TONS of helpful techniques to treat depression, anxiety disorders, and habits and addictions.

You’ll have your evenings free to enjoy the beautiful Whistler countryside, and I will likely offer optional evening hikes as well, with opportunities for personal work and consultation.

You’ll learn how to heal your clients and your own feelings of insecurity and self-doubt as well!

Mike Christensen and several others will be joining me at Whistler to help out with supervision of the small group exercises. Mike and I will also be doing a live therapy demonstration with an audience volunteer on the morning of day 2. Mike is a tremendous teacher and therapist, and a highly esteemed friend and colleague.

I hope you can join us in Whistler!

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