David’s Tuesday Tips (#2)*

Here’s your paradoxical tip of the day!

The failure to set the agenda is the cause of nearly all therapeutic failure.


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5 thoughts on “David’s Tuesday Tips (#2)*

  1. Hi David. This one was interesting, I think what you meaning is that therapy tends to fail if the therapist fails to engage in paradoxical agenda setting, which means that they attempt to positively reframe some of the symptoms, feeling or negative cognitions which the client is experiencing. In this sense the therapist agenda is to become the voice of the client resistance prior to utilizing any of your fifty or so methods. Thanks David!!

  2. Hi David, I’ve been kinda busy the last few days but will give this a little more thought and get back to you with what I think.. So cool of you to post such fun and intriguing stuff and I feel so lucky that you share all your wisdom and experience. It’s quite obvious you enjoy sharing your gifts to
    make others have better lives and for that I am forever grateful..


  3. Unless the patient really wants to change, the patient won’t change. If the benefits of the feelings or behavior outweigh the drawbacks, why change?

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