David and Mike Christensen Will Discuss “The Four Great Deaths”!

Watch David and Mike on FB Live tomorrow,
April 22, 2018, at 3 PM (Pacific Time) as they discuss–
the “Self” and the Death of the Self

Hi all!

As early as 2500 years ago Buddhists began talking about the “Great Death” as the path to enlightenment. Many other religions and spiritual paths also talk about death and rebirth.  But what do these concepts actually mean, and do they have anything to do with psychotherapy, or are they strictly spiritual concepts?

In his FB Live broadcast tomorrow, David and Mike Christensen will explore these concepts and focus on a number of specific questions.

  1. David claims there is not one, but four “Great Deaths” of the self, and they are involved in recovery from depression, anxiety disorders, relationship conflicts, and habits and addictions, respectively. What are these  four Great Deaths?
  2. Many individuals struggling with depression or anxiety fear the judgement of others. Have you ever felt like others might judge you because your “self” is defective, inferior, or simply “not good enough.”  How does one escape from this dilemma? Is it even possible? What if your “self” really isn’t good enough?
  3. Can the “self” be judged? Can you judge the worthwhileness of a human being, as opposed to the specific things we think, do or say? Does the “self” even exist?

David and Mike will discuss these questions from a practical, psychological, and spiritual perspective, and will include vignettes and examples to breathe life into the discussion, and to keep it practical.

You will also get an update and sneak preview of David’s new book, Feeling Great, currently in progress!


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