Shaun Loves Externalization of Voices!

An Inspired Listener!

Hi everybody,

I got a tremendous email from Shaun, a listener who was inspired by the recent podcast on the Externalization of Voices.  I thought you might also enjoy Shaun’s comments!

Thanks, Shaun! And good luck with whatever career path you pursue!


Dr Burns,

The externalization of voices using the acceptance paradox and self-defense paradigm podcast was mind blowing! It shows the irrationality of the patients distortions out load, making them seem even more silly.

I’m a big fan of yours. I read Feeling Good, and the Feeling Good Handbook back in high school when I had some anxiety; which was cured then. Now I’m 33 and a cardiac sonographer, but strongly considering, because of you and TEAM-CBT, going back to school to be a clinical psychologist. I stumbled upon your podcasts and failfully been listening since podcast 3. Each one gets better and better. It gets me super excited and eagerly looking foward to one day, doing TEAM Therapy.

Hope to hear back from you.



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