071: Ask David — anger . . . great thinkers . . . narcissistic bosses . . . social media bullying . . . and more!

In today’s podcast, David and Fabrice address many thought-provoking questions submitted by listeners like you:

  • Jonny asked two questions: #1: What do I do if I am using the Five Secrets and I feel angry? If I use the Disarming Technique, isn’t there a danger that I might not express my own feelings? And isn’t this the same as your “Hidden Emotion” Model, where we don’t express our feelings due to excessive niceness?
  • Jonny #2: What great thinkers inspired your work when you were creating the Five Secrets of Effective Communication? Were you influenced by Martin Buber?
  • Pilar: How would you use the Five Secrets if you’re attacked in public by a narcissistic boss? Should you use the Disarming Technique? Won’t that make you look weak? should you only use the Five Secrets in one-on-one situations?
  • Harry: You mentioned that the technique of Self-Monitoring is rarely effective. Why is this?
  • JP: Are there books on CBT for children? Do you have assessment tests for teenagers and children?
  • Tom: How would you help young people who are being bullied in social media. Many of them commit suicide, and that probably only represents the tip of the iceberg.

We love your questions. Keep them coming!


At least one listener has had problems leaving an iTunes review from his i-phone, so Fabrice has created some simple to follow instructions if you need help.


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