Another Trivial (but Magical) Cat Photo!

Hi visitors and members,

Recently I posted my most “trivial” blog ever, an incredibly charming cat photo from my brilliant colleague, Helen Yeni-Komshian, MD. Now I cannot resist the urge to post another fantastic cat photo, this one supplied by another brilliant colleague, Jill Levitt, PhD.


You may recall Jill from the live therapy with Mark. She was my co-therapist. If you didn’t catch it, it is one of the Feeling Good Podcasts, which you can find on my website,

You will soon get to meet Helen as well, as she is going to join Fabrice and me for the first two podcasts in our upcoming series on the Five Secrets of Effective Communication! That series will start in a week or so, so stay tuned to the Podcasts!

Jill and Helen are also my two co-leaders at our weekly psychotherapy group at Stanford. We meet Tuesdays from 5 to 7:30, and our group is open to Bay Area mental health professionals as well as graduate students in any type of mental health training program. The group is free of charge, and pretty wonderful! The Tuesday group is a highlight of my week, along with our Sunday hikes.

You can read about my late and most beloved cat, Obie, who become my personal friend, at this link, if you are interested. We lost him about a year ago, and I am still grieving our loss, as is my wife. Our pets give us so much. Cat and dog lovers will know exactly what I mean.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone. I am thankful for so many of you who are now reading the blogs and listening to the Feeling Good Podcasts and blogs on my website. Each day, the messages now go out to many thousands of individuals!


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