Marilyn’s Intensely Personal Live Therapy is Touching / Inspiring Many

More Heartfelt Feedback for Marilyn

Dear Dr. Burns,

I just listened to “0:59 ~The Tune Up” podcast and simply HAD to reach out to express my TREMENDOUS GRATITUDE to “Marilyn 😇”, Dr. May, Dr. Nye, and you!!! What a magnificent GIFT!

Marilyn… You are a gracious HERO!


* * *

Hello David,

So very moved and grateful to Marilyn, Matt, yourself (and Misty) for the latest live session.

Was weeping on the way into work as I was driving along – must have looked a bit strange.

Marilyn – you ARE making a difference! Very grateful for your deep honesty, bravery and vulnerability. I will never forget these sessions.

Wonderful, wonderful stuff.

Thank you!


* * *

Hi Dr. Burns,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the podcasts with Marilyn. I think she has been so brave sharing her story and I really admire her authenticity and openness in discussing this. I have had my fair share of anxiety around death and so really appreciate her sharing, and have found the podcast both inspiring and powerful.

I hope you can pass on my heartfelt gratitude and admiration to her!



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Thanks! David

6 thoughts on “Marilyn’s Intensely Personal Live Therapy is Touching / Inspiring Many

  1. Thank you for all you’re doing David and everyone. Marilyn we would never have been able to be privy to this kind of experience and teaching if it had not been for you. I know I’ll be taking this experience with me as I work with my clients and and see that it can work with even the most significant of life’s issues and challenges. I believe that what is happening to you Marilyn isn’t good ( cancer) , but I believe God is making good of it and through it.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. I was just listening to the Tune Up session with Marilyn and just wanted to let her know that what she did IS very helpful. I am a therapist and I know that listening to these sessions is helping me on a personal level and I’m positive it is going to help me in my work with my clients. Thank you Marilyn for being willing and courageous enough to be vulnerable!

  3. wow. Just listened to the sessions with Marilyn. What a gift. I often feel a resistance about “real” problems – as in, wanting to believe that some of what makes me depressed is so legitimate that it couldn’t possibly respond to mere CBT. But Marilyn is the epitome of someone with a REAL reason to be hopeless and it was mind blowing to listen to the work she did in these sessions. What a leader. I know I wasn’t the only one crying on my commute! Huge thank-you to Marilyn, David, Matt, and Fabrice for doing these sessions publicly; it is a real service. Thank-you.

    • Hi Jen, Thank you for the kind words, which I have forwarded to Marilyn, Matt, and Fabrice. I deeply appreciate and endorse what you are saying 200%! David

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