TEAM Training Works! (But only if you work at it!)


FullSizeRenderHi folks,

I just got an awesome email from a psychiatrist who attended my Philadelphia workshop. You might enjoy it!


Hi Dr. Burns,

How are you doing Sir. I’m doing well in Michigan.

Just like to gladly inform you that since attending your workshop in Philadelphia in April 2017, learning from your podcasts regularly, reading your work and going through your previously held workshops on DVDs few times, I have been constantly using your inventive TEAM CBT process with my veteran and non-veteran patients over a year and vigorously for the last six months. Now I can say with confidence that there are miracles happening almost every few days and weeks, as my patients are “feeling good and joyful” in their lives again. They are learning tools to heal themselves and prevent relapses.

 I also feel proud of myself again that I am doing something meaningfully therapeutic for my patients since I left my ophthalmology practice and Pakistan in 1995.

Thank you for awarding me with a new sense of purpose in my life which is to help my patients feel better about themselves and give them the tools to heal them collaboratively.

Thank you again!

I am teaching my Psychiatry Residents (who rotate with me once a week) TEAM-CBT on an ongoing basis, though most are still heavily influenced by the notion of cure via psychopharmacology–though I was of the same opinion, too, back in my residency days.


Hashim Raza, MD
Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology,
Aleda E. Lutz VA Medical Center, Saginaw, Michigan
and Assistant Clinical Prof. of Psychiatry, Central Michigan University, Michigan

Hi Hashim,

It was a real thrill to receive your gracious email. My experience is similar, and I think the more you practice TEAM-CBT the better and better you’ll get. One of the greatest joys of my life is seeing someone recover before my very eyes and get transformed from intense despair and fear to joy. It is, as you say, like a miracle.

We have just started a new Thursday evening class for psychiatric residents at the Stanford Medical School. The residents this year are incredible enthusiastic and fun to teach, and very hungry to learn some good psychotherapy. So I now have two weekly training groups at Stanford. The Tuesday night group has over 30 members, including PsyD students, PhD students, Stanford therapists, and community therapists who can receive unlimited free training and personal work at our Tuesday group.

I also offer Sunday morning hikes for several hours for people in the training groups, followed by a dim sum feast at a local Chinese restaurant. We have great fun on the hikes and do personal work and difficult case consultation. All three events are highlights of my week and my life!

If you come to the bay area, I’d love to have you visit us!


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Thanks! David

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