The Animated David!


One of my students, Kyle Jones, sent me this cute link to an animated version of my work, which is actually pretty good, I think! Let me know if you like it. And thanks a bunch to the creative and brilliant man who created it. I don’t actually know who he is, and would like to find out so I can say thanks!



If you are reading this blog on social media, I appreciate it! I would like to invite you to visit my website,, as well. There you will find a wealth of free goodies, including my Feeling Good blogs, my Feeling Good Podcasts with host, Dr. Fabrice Nye, and the Ask Dr. David blogs as well, along with announcements of upcoming workshops, and tons of resources for mental health professionals as well as patients!

Once you link to my blog, you can sign up using the widget at the top of the column to the right of each page. Please forward my blogs to friends as well, especially anyone with an interest in mood problems, psychotherapy, or relationship conflicts.

Thanks! David

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