Fabulous Feedback for Marilyn!

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I just received this wonderful email after the second of the three Marilyn live therapy podcasts, and reproduce it here with permission from the author, and want to thank Jennifer for writing it! I also want to thank Marilyn for her incredible contribution to so many of us, and also my wonderful co-therapist, Dr. Matt May, and fabulous host, Dr. Fabrice Nye!


Subject: Marilyn Podcast

THANK YOU to you and Marilyn and Matt. And Fabrice!

The podcasts with Marilyn were powerful!  Just finished the second part and had to write.  I live in New Orleans and so am unable to attend all your wonderful Tuesday night Stanford training groups we hear about, so to have this podcast is pretty significant and wonderful 🙂

I immediately felt connected to Marilyn during the first episode, feeling her emotions right long with her, like I was able to experience what it may be like to have this diagnosis. And felt sad when it was over and could hardly wait to hear the next week. So I had to be with that discomfort . . .

Among other profound ways she helped through sharing her experience, she is teaching us the great lesson of impermanence, as the Buddha taught.  Such a valuable teaching she gives by sharing her experience!

And this week was amazing, I was trying to pay close attention to the brilliant work of you and Matt.  He is just SO GOOD! It was such a great learning experience!!  I felt like I was realizing and discovering right along with Marilyn.

My heart is filled with love and pure compassion and deep appreciation for the three of you for sharing this with us.  I want each of you to know what a tremendously beneficial learning experience this was for listeners and that I will undoubtedly use this in my work (mainly with folks from LGBTQ / POC and other marginalized communities, often dealing with addiction).  I am hopeful it will directly impact my ability and skills in helping others.  Ripples . . .

I have been training in TEAM since 2013 but I’m a slow learner and have mastered nothing about it (yet).  However, the timing of this podcast was perfect so that I have learned enough that I was with y’all every step of the way, listening, experiencing, and perhaps absorbing it in a new way.  It brought some clarity to the process and flow.

Pardon my rambling praise but I am filled with gratitude and awe and looking forward to the next one!

If you can pass on my thanks to Marilyn and Matt and Fabrice (if you’re still reading this!) – thanks.

Jennifer Myhre

PS what’s great about not being able to sleep?

Time for great learning from David’s podcasts!


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