041: Uncovering Techniques (Part 3) — The What-If Technique

Uncovering (and Facing) Your Deepest Fears

In this podcast, David and Fabrice discuss the third uncovering technique called the “What-If” Technique, developed by the late Dr. Albert Ellis. The What-If Technique can will help you identify a terrifying fantasy under the surface that fuels your fears. David brings this technique to life with an inspiring story of a woman from San Francisco suffering from more than 10 years of mild depression and paralyzing Agoraphobia—the intense fear of leaving home alone. You may be surprised when you discover the Negative Thoughts that triggered her fear of leaving her apartment alone, as well as the core fantasy at the root of her Agoraphobia. David and Fabrice also discuss the dramatic techniques that helped her completely defeat her fears and overcome her depression.

Below, we have included a PowerPoint presentation for you so that you can follow along when David and Fabrice do the What-If Technique together on the podcast.

In the next podcast, David and Fabrice will discuss Shame-Attacking Exercises. This is a powerful and bizarre exposure technique that can helpful in the treatment of shyness–but there’s a hook. Therapists must be willing to do Shame Attacking Exercises themselves before they can ask patients to do them! And that can be intimidating!

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7 thoughts on “041: Uncovering Techniques (Part 3) — The What-If Technique

  1. Fabrice’s comment about not being afraid of death, but of a diminished life was powerful for me. I realized if my worst case scenarios happened, I could handle it and still have a good life. This was a very enlightening podcast!

    • Thanks, Rob! Just as you look forward to the Monday podcasts, I look forward to your wonderful comments! We just finished another live session on Saturday that was truly blow-away, and it will be published in a series of three podcasts with Marilyn entitled, “The Dark Night of the Soul.” I hope you enjoy them, but it will be four or so weeks from now, as we have several podcasts scheduled and ready to go first. Hope you are doing well! Your pal, david

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  3. Dear David.

    These podcasts are really insightful and useful, thanks for putting them online.

    There’s a bit of an echo in the recordings, as sound bounces off the bare walls.

    You could improve sound quality by putting a sound barrier behind you, like a portable Japanese screen (or even something hung on the wall). This would absorb the sound waves and stop the echo.

    However, no matter what bouncing goes on, we’ll enjoy the podcasts!

    • Not sure what device you are using, but I corrected this on my own computer by clearing the cache on my browser. Let me know if this works! d

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