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Before I began sharing my blogs on social media, I did a poll to find out who was visiting Here are the results of that survey, which I stumbled across while browsing through my website archives. This is just a small sampling from a few years back. Now the daily visits and blogs include a much larger group, typically more than 30,000 hits per month, including blog distribution to more than 6,000 individuals daily, and so things may be different. Still, I found it interesting, and in some cases, touching.




1.    I’m a patient 1,876 40%
2.    I’m a general citizen 1,474 32%
3.    I’m a therapist 451 10%
4.    Other 896 19%

Below you will find the comments of people who gave a little information about who they were. I found it interesting and was touched by many of the comments, especially those who described themselves as suffering, or have a family member, such as parent, child, spouse, or sibling, who is suffering. For example, “mom of a suicidal depressed teen.” Comments like that make me quite sad, as I am a father and know the intense pain and concern this type of problem can create when you have a son or daughter who is struggling, someone whom you love so dearly.


physician I am your fan A young citizen
Former patient H.V.R.P. patient 2006 Prayer ministry
Parent of a patient clinical pharmacy specialist in psychopharm Applied Psychologist of Friendships
nurse Self-Help Website Owner/Developer general citizen in Barcelona, looking for a therapist
parent depressed scientist A person suffering from many years of untreated depression.
RN someone who’s recovered from anxiety from one of your books I Want to become a therapist
Parent Parent of 27yr. Old daughter with BPD, Bipolar, PTSD & Panic Disorder. And a MSW student
Physician just me former patient on psyche drugs. Now drug free!
Sister of patient RN/pt. Past depression patient; very helped by your approach in small grp setting
social worker psychiatrist 73. Male. On-‘again -off-again ‘patient’ (I prefer ‘student’) battling severe
Pastor nurse practitioner My therapist recommended this book for me
Psychiatrist Scientist/psychologist some training in mental health counseling, interested in personal growth.
Retired therapist Trained in sex addiction therapies; IT; helping my wife in psych rehab cert. Person with some anxiety or depression. Managed with low dose slot and general
pastoral counselor acute psych RN Concerned parent
Spouse of patient Parent and spouse of a depression sufferer Clergy
psychology student M.S. School Counseling student I’m nobody 🙁
psychiatric nurse Wife of patient Emotional wellness coach
cousin Freelance writer Parent of a BPD young adult
Education fan Both patient and special educator
MSW candidate in doubt was a patient parent of young man with anxiety
Parent of a depressed person family doctor My spouse is depressed, which causes me to feel depressed sometimes
Iraqi veteran/ PTSD College Student Sociology / Gerontology Professor
A smattering of all 3 over the last 65 years. I HAVE ENJOYED YOUR BOOK VERY MUCH a person who benefited from Feeling Good
Nurse I’ve used techniques in Feeling Good to change my thinking – I want a refresher Counseling Student
family member has severe anxiety student Retired school psychologist
mother of agoraphobic son Medical Field, not a therapist I indulge in self-analysis frequently.
An 80-year-old who wants to feel good drug free ‘remitted’ bipolar spine physician
I’m Iranian Women and I read your book which is translate in Persian. in group therapy student of department of psychology
someone interested in feeling good And a student of life a former patient! cured by reading your books
Depressive, probably bipolar Career Counselor Teenager
ex-doctor Nurse clinician parent of a very depressed adult son
Recovering from infidelity Patient and doctor Educator with perfectionism
i am a psychologist Social Work Major I want you to help me. I suffer anxiety. I am from El Salvador
Wife of a depressive husband Menopausal 48-year-old Canadian Female parent of depressed teenage son, also social worker
Sales Coach using tools for clients who get anxious in sales activity alien Registered Holistic Nutrition Consultant
former software engineer should be patient I am 1 of the millions for who drugs nor therapy have been effective.
sometime patient for dysthymia Indian former patient
Medication only Mother of possible OCD daughter friend of a patient
son of a depressed mother Children’s Book Author Positive Psychology Consultant
Graduate student I am also very interested in psychology, most especially positive psychology caregiver of husband
Teacher of at-risk youth girlfriend of a patient Parent of very anxious kid
I have read your book Feeling Good and am currently reading Intimate Connection postgraduate student Radiologist with some anxiety and depression issues
Wife of a self-loathing individual general practitioner Training Coordinator
am Feeling Good because of my hard work and Dr. David Burns!! keen reader of Feeling Good Health Informatics
person with depression and healthcare provider (nurse) Wife and parent of depressed family members REBT coach, blogger
retired therapist Professor who uses the techniques when teaching public speaking I’m also a medical (RIS/PACS) software developer
program manager Retired school psychologist Not under pro care, so not a patient, but one who battles depression and anxiety
concerned family member spouse anxiety
all of the above I would like to Lear how to get results on using dr burns books. Cousin of a therapist
professional life-extensionist IT Professional Lay counselor at church
Registered Nurse and former patient Parent of anxious child (10yr old) I am.
Mental health counseling student Rehabilitation provider who hires therapists and recommends your books to client biomedical informatics
CONCERNED FAMILY MEMBER therapist Not receiving treatment currently, but have had a lifetime struggle with depression
Just interested in feeling good Just bought your book Mother of an anxious teen. PLEASE make an app! This will get through!
Alcoholic Previously a patient. Possibly still one. person with a mental health difference! Never a “patient”.
parent of someone needing help Outreach Nurse I’m a student in Counselling in the UK
Graduate student counseling reader of feel good, now feeling great 10 years later Certified Recovery Peer Specialist
Chronically depressed who has benefited more from Feeling Good than anything I was saved by your book years ago and still recommend it! I’m an ex-patient
Unsure right now! Sad? Yep?! resident physician/patient Russian reader of your books
I work in tech Former Patient Pastoral Counselor
recovering banker and applied psychology student social work student Mother of depressed son
Spouse of a depressed person reader Musician
c.p.t.s.d. & d.i.d. recovering RN Holistic Chiropractor
educator suffering from severe depression Used to be in therapy, want to become a counselor, mother of 5 so ha-ha we’ll see
T.B.I. patient BS Psychology Reader
looking for help Computer Scientist daughter of patient
Former patient who recovered with this book. College Counsellor Neuro-therapist
nurse educator A caregiver for a daughter with mental illness mental health court judge
Father of patient parent of a young adult suffering from anxiety student counselor
Patient and Neurobiologist artificial intelligence researcher and architects I’m a parent of a child diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder
I’m a fa the of an attempted suicide patient Mother of a depressed young man potential patient
future therapist (psychology Undergrad,) but at the moment patient from Turkey a sober member of AA who recommends your materials to sponsors and newcomers
Research scholar Internist/Clinical Pharmacologist anxious physician 🙂
Relative of patient Mum and IT person Citizen Using Self Help for chronic depression and other challenges
Interested in educating people with software, especially about how to feel good. teacher Mother of a 29-year-old daughter suffering from an anxiety disorder
A long time recovered advocate of your book with an interest in further study Anesthetist everyone with or without the issues list could benefit from your knowledge
I am the father of an adult daughter who suffers from depression A school psychologist parent of depressed adult son
my sister needs your help I want therapy Internist
Former patient, enthusiastic Feeling Good proponent Wife of ocd person past patient
Child Psychiatrist college teacher ex patient but not a general citizen
Interested deeply in subject and personal solutions to depression. Spouse Someone needing help
Was a patient, found a Doc trained in your methods. Life is med free and great! I’m a peer counselor, have been a patient, am an educator. student of psychology
Coach Psy.D student off & on patient
Mother of a depressed son Parent and wife Dr Anthony david
Mom of depressed teen Volunteer student counsellor parent of patient
mother of a child with depression and anxiety addiction studies student and a patient anxiety/depression sufferer
Long-term depressed but not currently a patient. psychosocial rehabilitation specialist mother õ
want to help someone else Nurse Practitioner Sonographer
A mom to teenager in training Parent of child with generalized anxiety
PsyD student Parent of depressed young adult Husband with depressed wife
Nurse; Student I’m twin sister of patient Improving communications in relationships
not diagnosed as a patient but having issues A desperately depressed lady a fart Martian
sometimes I get depressed someone who read your book because her husband urged her to and I am looking for I’m a general practitioner
marketing professional, used Feeling Good 25 years ago; recommend to daughter Professor Programmer, data miner and a machine learning enthusiast (also a person)
Patient’s husband I used “Feeling good ” 6 years ago. It changed my life! my daughter is a hoarder
MSc Psychology student/ patient concerned parent Mother of sufferer
I am a homeless veteran who is severely depressed and suicidal friend recommended book prudent mental health innovators
occupational therapy assistant Occupational Therapist in mental health a social worker leading an anger management group, using your “ten days to self
mom of patient OBGYN Looking for help.
Lutheran Pastor Seeking to heal Parent/Educator
Mom of patient who wants to get off prescriptions entrepreneur benefited from your book
all categories spouse of patient Addiction treatment provider
my therapist is an ACT diplomat and I finally gave in and bought the book a Mom has an anxiety daughter parent of a patient
Psychology Student I have been using and recommending and giving away feeling good 30 years. I’m a lawyer living in Ireland. Helping myself and sister deal with anxiety.
Mother of 14-yr old depressed son i am confused Psych nurse
Family member of someone in need Wife off patient graduate student
I am a fan of long standing Student of Psychology Former patient for many years
Life coach spiritual care chaplain refers your book for depression family member of a depressive person
Psych grad school student Parent of young adult/bipolar read your book, helped me
and general citizen European Doctor of dental medicine psychology/philosophy researcher
Teacher/personal growth facilitator A mess School Counselor
Researcher High School Student (looking at careers in mental health) Ex patient in Philly in 1980
Dentist Hi, I am from India, I am 53 years old and doing a correspondence course in PSYC and a GP
Inpatient psychiatric nurse I’m a nurse practitioner student who has suffered from anxiety Mom of a patient of Dr. Aspen
Psychology student Someone interested in your results Psychologist
clergy but I struggle with anxiety and depression H.V.R.P.-2006
reader of your first book way back when former certified ASQ Software Quality Engineer I have experienced anxiety and depression but currently feel good!
I’m a 61 yr. old student therapist! Referred by neurosurgeon for depression Mother of a heroin addict
mom of a suicidal depressed teen programmer General citizen from Norway
I’m a happy retired lady! partner of depressive Former patient now helping others. Would love to be a therapist.
Social worker I have depression A parent with a struggle teenager
Registered Nurse in middle of learning for a life coach A friend of someone who is depressed
Family member self-diagnosed depressive person Autism Specialist
health coach art therapist in training. depressed student and very interested in mental health
Patient to Therapist Need to be in therapy Mom of depressed person
I have depression, anxiety and insomnia. Also, a father of a patient HR Professional
A former patient who’s intensely interested in helping sufferers Life Coach special children teacher
struggling with anxiety Nurse diagnosed with depression parent of 17-year-old with ocd
CEO of MedTech Company in Minneapolis Mother Personal trainer
A fan of your books and hoping to use them to alleviate my depression anxiety. Speech pathologist I’m a therapist and a patient
Medical Practitioner and patient Continuation: exploring incorporation of healthy behavior modelling into early Internal medicine
father of child suffering Biblical Counselor psych student
Mother of a severely depressed teenager contractor student


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