Recognition for Feeling Good!

Hi, Dr. Burns:

I hope this email finds you well!

Your book Feeling Good was featured in our Top 10 list of Best Books for Depression and Anxiety recently on Live Happy. Here’s the Story

I am sharing this story with you here in hopes that you might share it on your website and social media channels as well with a link back to Live Happy, which your readers will find by clicking on the link above!

We appreciate your expertise to our Live Happy community.

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Sandra Bilbray (Bienkowski)

Hi Sandra,

Thanks! I am honored, to say the least!

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4 thoughts on “Recognition for Feeling Good!

  1. I would be happy ‘When Panic attacks’ by Dr Burns also features in the list. One of best books on Anxiety which helps you cure it. This is out of my personal experience. Recommend Read for all. Thanks David for sharing so many techniques in the book.

    • Thanks, Rajesh. My daughter helped edit When Panic Attacks, and contributed greatly to it. I’m so glad you liked it. It has not had nearly the exposure that some of my other books have enjoyed, but I do think it has a lot to offer, and greatly appreciate your kind comment! david

      • Your welcome David. You and your daughter have done a very good job. As a matter of fact I refer back to this often. You have exactly nailed down some of the anxious thoughts that anxious patients can have and the way you can challenge it. Also, I liked the way you have shown patients how to challenge the bodily manifestation if anxiety that many books may not offer. This is what helps you arrest the anxiety to a lot extent. My personal favourite is the Anxiety mood survey and Hidden emotional technique. This book has a lot of potential to make it to the top. Thanks

      • Thanks again, Rajesh. You might be interested that my first book, Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy, did not make it to the top of the best-seller lists until 8 years after it was released. I got very little publicity for the book, but then had the chance to be on a national television show, the old Phil Donahue show, which was the biggest show at the time, prior to Oprah. During the show, a woman in the audience asked, “Are you the person who wrote the book, Feeling Good?” in confirmed that I was, and said that was the reason I was on the show, to let people know about the new drug-free techniques we’d developed to defeat depression. Then she said, “My teenage son was suicidal, and someone gave him a copy of your book. Your book saved my son’s life! I think that everyone in America should buy your book right away!”

        I couldn’t believe my ears! What a fantastic stroke of luck. Within ten minutes of the end of the show, which was syndicated into nearly 300 television markets, Feeling Good sold more copies than in the previous eight years since it’s release, and skyrocketed to the top of all the best-seller lists!

        When Panic Attacks is kine of like a Feeling Good for all the anxiety disorders, but I’ve just not had any significant publicity for it–same deal as with Feeling Good. But I assure you, if Hollywood calls, I will definitely answer the phone! Would love for more people to know about the drug-free, high speed (in most cases) treatments for every type of anxiety!

        You might be interested to know, too, that when I wrote When Panic Attacks, I counted up all the anxiety disorders I’ve had, including numerous phobias, public speaking anxiety, etc etc etc. I realized I’ve had 17 types of anxiety. And I think that’s why I LOVE treating anxiety. Because whatever the patient has, I can say, “Oh, I’ve had that too, and I know how much that sucks to feel like that! And I can show you how to defeat your fears, too, and what a joy that’s going to be!”


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