Photos from Our Sunday Hike

Hi web visitors,

I am attaching eight photos from this week’s Sunday hike, which included two hail storms. I hope you like the photos! One of our newest Tuesday group members, Maryam, took them.

As you can see, spring is in full swing here already. There is so much beauty and majesty in these photos, taken with a cell phone. You will see that some of the trees are already covered with white or pink blossoms. The tree with white blossoms is a really old plum tree. If we have enough bees, it may produce a large volume of fabulous plums. But it is a race with the birds and squirrels as to who gets them first! Usually we lose that one.

Danny, the other man in the photos,  drove something like two or three hours to hike with us on Sunday. That’s real commitment! The house in the photo is one we passed on the hike.

We had to avoid most of the trails which were excessively muddy due to all the rain we’ve had, but it was a terrific hike in spite of having to be on roads part of the time. The main hiking adventure is internal, at any rate, so the weather and trails are not overly important.

There were only three of us, due to the rain, and we were working, as usual, on personal relationship issues, which seems to be a popular topic among therapists who come to the Sunday hikes. The hikes provide an opportunity for therapists to work on their own issues, and also to learn and practice psychotherapy techniques, so we can improve the work we do for our patients / clients. It was an interesting and productive  hike, I think.

We focused on questions like how do you get to know someone? What’s the best approach when you are meeting someone who may interest you? Web visitors also ask these kinds of questions. In fact, one of them is a man who has asked for tips on flirting. I may devote a blog on that, if folks are interested, and encourage all of you to post their your tips and suggestions, as their are so many radically different theories about this!




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