Photos from this Week’s Sunday Hike

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Here are some photos from our hike this Sunday. We had five hikers! It is one of the highlights of the week, and a nice way to hang out because most folks work on deeply personal issues, so you get to know someone in a real way, not like chit chat at a cocktail party! Way more fun!

One of the photos is an Adobe Creek waterfall we discovered by going down a hidden path, the road less traveled by for sure!

The photos also show the early emergence of spring here. Lots of the trees are bright pink or white with flowers, although not shown in these pictures.

Thanks to Maryam, a new member of the Tuesday group, for the great pics!


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    • Hi Mark, Thanks, and always good to hear from you!

      TEAM-CBT is always individualized, no formulas based on diagnosis, problem, etc. So would T = Test first, then E = Empathy second, the A = Paradoxical Agenda Setting (PAS) third, then M = Methods, with final repeat testing at the end of the session. Most of the action here would be in the PAS area, plus some Methods would put the icing on the cake. Self-esteem issues may be hiding underneath the jealousy, so might likely be addresing that at the same time!


    • thank you! Yes, it is a wondeful opportunity that I cherish! I feel blessed to be able to hang out with students and colleagues in this way. david

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