Overcoming Resistance for Rapid Recovery

Comment: Hi Dr. Burns,

I’ve read your book Feeling Good and it helped me greatly really and I want to thank you for that book. And now I just saw one of your interviews about TEAM-CBT and even just reading the case and applying the methods on myself helped me even more! Seeing the symptoms not as defects but some kind of a self-defense system makes sense and this lets your subconscious accept the help immediately.

I wonder if you are planning to publish another self-help book about TEAM-CBT.

I believe this invention can change the psychiatry world. Thank you for your great works.


Hi Kerem,

You got it. Thanks! I am excited that my message is starting to get through. I am thinking seriously about a new book, and trying to think of a title.

Yes, I agree, the Invitation Step, and in fact the many Paradoxical Agenda Setting tools I have developed have the potential to revolutionize psychiatric and psychological treatment. I am trying to get the word out, and trying to learn more about how to use my posts and other accounts to connect with folks.


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