Two Miscellaneous Trivial Pics You Might Like

Hi web visitors.

I just got two photos in the email. The first is a photo taken by one of our Sunday hikers at the Ranger Station half way through our hike yesterday. I like to think of this as my new therapy office! And you can’t beat the fees, either!

Of course, I’m no longer in clinical practice, and I’m not doing real treatment, but it is fun to think about, since I have always really loved doing therapy. The joy of seeing someone suddenly recover is one of the greatest highlights of my life.

Hikers, like members of my Stanford training group, get unlimited free training–both in the Tuesday group and on the Sunday hikes if they are interested–and they can also do some personal work in both settings, since the concept of “healing yourself” is absolutely essential to TEAM-CBT, even for therapists. If a therapist has used his or her own tools for personal healing, he or she will have far greater effectiveness and credibility with patients.

Personal healing and training have often been linked in the history of psychotherapy. The personal healing makes for the crucial difference between a technician–who has learned the methods–and a healer, who arguably comprehends suffering, and recovery, at a somewhat deeper level.

CLICK HERE FOR THE GOOFY PHOTO of David in his new “office.”

The second photo was sent my a website visitor who found a free copy of Feeling Good at a local, outdoor “lending library.” CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO. She also included this lovely note:

Hi Dr. Burns,

Just wanted to say I am really loving ‘feeling good’ a copy of which I randomly found in a free mini community library box in a hedge near my house (!) one day when I didn’t have anything to read while my baby was napping. I think your strategies will permanently help me overcome my self critical thoughts. God bless you for your work to help people. Inspirational! Can’t wait to check out the podcast.


Just a little trivia for today!


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