Tools, Not Schools, of Therapy

Hi Doctor Burns,

I received your eBook, Tools, Not Schools, of Therapy, on January 11th.  I’m learning a lot and appreciate your generosity in giving us so much valuable information. It has given me confidence to start a private practice as I get TEAM certified through the Feeling Good Institute. I’ve learned much more from you than I have throughout graduate school! I look forward to learning much more.

A grateful student, Thai-An

Hi Thai-An,

I’m so glad you like my eBook! My daughter helped me edit it, and it took a full year, and was fun to write. Therapists who want to learn about it, or order it, can click here. I’ve been hoping that someone might send me an endorsement for my eBook sooner or later! So thanks so much!

I’m also happy that you’re working with the Feeling Good Institute to get certified in TEAM-CBT. They have many fine teachers there, with many weekly online training groups, as well as live training programs for therapists in Northern California.

Therapists can fan find lists of online and local TEAM-CBT training groups by clicking here. My own training group is on Tuesdays at Stanford, and is totally free of charge to local therapists. Feel free to visit if you are in this area. You’ll find contact information on the link.

In addition, my weekly Feeling Good podcasts with Dr. Fabrice Nye are also totally free of charge, and are geared for therapists as well as patients. You can find them on iTunes and also on the blog tabs on this website. And my workshop page on this website lists lots of my own workshops, too!

Again, I greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness and kind comments!