002: T = Testing — A Boring Topic with Exciting Implications

In this podcast, Dr. David Burns describes the “Testing” part of the T.E.A.M. model. Topics include:

  • The shocking results of a study of therapist accuracy at Stanford
  • Why therapists who don’t test usually get it wrong
  • How session-by-session testing can revolutionize your practice

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2 thoughts on “002: T = Testing — A Boring Topic with Exciting Implications

  1. Another great talk on a topic not always fully appreciated by therapists.
    A question: do most therapists really get such low empathy scores when they first start using the empathy questionnaire? Such scores could be quite deflating, and possibly lead to discouraging negative cognitions for a therapist, especially if he or she has been practicing for years thinking that he or she has good empathy skills! This being said, if he or she gets over the initial shock and persists in this practice, one can hope that empathy scores will improve over time…


    • Thanks so much Chris! Yes, most therapists will get failing grades initially when they first start using the empathy questionnaire, and it can be very upsetting, especially if your ego is involved. This is a case were therapists need to work on their own negative thoughts on their own Daily Mood Log, in addition to working to improve their empathy skills. If the therapist persists with the tools, and get some training, then you can get superb scores from the vast majority of patients within a few weeks. One way to do that is to join of the weekly online TEAM-CBT training groups. A list of times and contact persons can be found on my website. But it is shocking and deflating for therapists to learn that they cannot acknowledge patients’ feelings in an accurate or skillful way. But this is reality, this is how it actually is! And if the therapist has courage and a huge determination to improve, then great things can be done! Please keep listening and posting your terrific comments and questions, Chris! All the best, david


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