Hidden Emotion Technique

Hidden Emotion Technique

This week, one of our therapists presented a case she was stuck with–an african-american engineer who constantly obsessed and worried about the future, his family, his work, and so forth.  he continued to bombard himself all day long with questions about imagined catastrophies, asking himself “What if this happens?” and “What if that happens?”

The therapist had done an outstanding job using a wide variety of cognitive, exposure, and motivational treatment methods, and the patient appeared very motivated and hard working, and faithfully did all the suggested psychotherapy homework between sessions. But she was unable to put a dent in his symptoms.

Sometimes, you have to switch gears and use an entirely different treatment strategy or method when an anxious patient seems to be stuck. Often, the Hidden Emotion Technique can break things open when nothing else seems to work. If you’d like to read the note I sent to my training group explaining a little bit about how this method works, click on this link: Hidden Emotion Technique, v 2.


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