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The Placebo Effect

The Placebo Effect

Hi web visitors, Recently I have referred to the fact that many of the current schools of therapy have only a placebo effect in the treatment of depression and anxiety, and this has drawn some skeptical, and arguably angry, responses from a couple visitors to the...


This is a question I received from a website visitor: Dear Dr. Burns, Thank you for your work. I have question about EFT. Does EFT work? Tapping on the meridian points with saying the common phrases. And if it is working what´s the clue? Thank you very much for your...

Questions from a thoughtful listener

The following is an email I received from Dan Prine, a therapist receiving TEAM-CBT training from Dr. Maor Katz at the Feeling Good Institute in Mt. View, California. Dan had several questions about my recent podcast on single-session therapy with Fabrice Nye and Lisa...