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Test Podcast #3–Still working toward a Solution to Photo Problems on FB?

Test Podcast #3–Still working toward a Solution to Photo Problems on FB?

NMP-1116-X2Dear Dear eague,

I am again testing how photos appear on FB. This time, I am not using the “Featured Image” tool in Word Press. Instead, I am embedding all the photos IN the blog itself.

We’ll see how this looks.

Hey, I have some exciting feedback to share with you soon from my recent survey of podcast fans. Also, its looks like we’ll have our millionth podcast download this month, thanks to your support! In addition, the monthly total of downloads is increasing each month, thanks to all of you telling your friends about us. It’s working, and we deeply appreciate it. 



Here are some more miscellaneous photos including Rhonda, my new cohost, Jill, who I teach with at Stanford (and in workshops), Zane, an esteemed friend and Tuesday group member, and Helen’s cats. Helen also teaches with us at Stanford, and has been featured on several podcasts on the Five Secrets of Effective Communication.

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Test Podcast, Photo Problems on FB

Dear colleague,

I am testing how photos appear on FB. My featured photos have not appeared correctly, but get cropped in peculiar ways by FB. This is a test to see how a couple different photos will appear on FB. Just trying to improve the quality for you. 

Thanks for supporting my website, http://www.feelinggood.com, and my Feeling Good Podcasts!



Here’s a photo of a student, a hiking photo, and a recent david photo. They have not been resized for FB, so they may appear peculiar. This is a test for that reason. I am also repeating the photo featured at the top.NMP-1096-X2KPJ one to use

IMG_6127NMP-1065-X2 (1)