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146: When Helping Doesn’t Help!

146: When Helping Doesn’t Help!

Hi listeners,

Most people do not do a very good at helping loved ones, colleagues, or friends who are upset and complaining. Have you ever noticed that when you try to help or give advice they just keep complaining? This can be very frustrating–fortunately there’s a fabulous solution to this universal problem. 

This special podcast features our guest, Dr. Jill Levitt, the Director of Clinical Training at the Feeling Good Institute. Jill is also one of the teachers at David’s Tuesday evening psychotherapy training group at Stanford, as is our esteemed podcast host, Dr. Rhonda.

Jill describes the “helping” errors she made when her son became despondent after some painful foot surgery. Following the surgery, he was in a cast for weeks, and when the cast was removed, he discovered that he could not move or feel his toes. This is common, and results from muscle atrophy when you are in a cast, and is not dangerous.

However, Jill’s son was very discouraged and frustrated, and told his mom that he didn’t feel like going to school and thought he wasn’t ever going to get better. Jill felt exhausted from all the demands on her that day, trying to get him off to school, and trying to get to work on time, and so forth, and gave in to the urge to say things like, “You’re going to be fine,” which were totally ineffective. 

Jill describes a similar error that she made when her mother also complained about foot problems and the need for surgery. Her mother loves to hike and was upset that she’d be unable to hike for some time. Jill, perhaps feeling a little impatient with her mom, suggested other forms of exercise, like swimming, and this simply increased her mother’s complaints.

I’ll bet you’ve experienced this same thing when you tried to “help” someone who was complaining. Even therapists make this type of error all the time. 

Rhonda, Jill, and I discussed the most common errors we all make when we lose patience with someone who’s complaining, and illustrated the techniques that are effective. As usual, they involve the Five Secrets of Effective Communication, especially Disarming, Stroking, and Feeling Empathy, along with some compassionate I Feel Statements.

We also discussed the phenomenon of drifting in and out of Enlightenment, a concept first described by the Buddha. It is easy to drift out of enlightenment when we are rushing around, trying to get breakfast on the table, lunches made, kids to school, and ourselves off to work. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated at those moments.

Part of the process may include forgiving ourselves when we make mistakes, and using the 5-Secrets to repair relationships with our loved ones when we do. In fact, this can even lead to deeper and more loving relationships. 

We also discussed a closely related and possibly controversial theme–is it okay to use the Five Secrets just to get someone to stop complaining, especially if you’re angry with that person and they tend to complain most or all of the time? Do you always have to use the Five Secrets in a totally sincere manner? 

I want to thank Dr. Levitt for joining us in this inspiring and illuminating podcast. Whenever Jill teaches, the heavens open up, and this podcast is no exception. Jill is simply a fabulous therapist, teacher, and human being! 

Click here if you are interested in some online training with Jill!

David and Rhonda



You can reach Dr. Burns at david@feelinggood.com. Dr. Rhonda Barovsky practices in Walnut Creek, California, and can be reached at rbarovsky@aol.com.

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Anxiety Workshop This Month! Online Slots Still Available!

Anxiety Workshop This Month! Online Slots Still Available!

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TEAM Training Opportunities!

TEAM Training Opportunities!

Hi everybody,

I talk a lot about how helpful TEAM can be–so here are some chances to learn how to use it with your clients / patients. The trainers listed below are superb! You’ll enjoy the technical skills you acquire and the warmth and support of the teachers as well as your colleagues at the training programs, too!

Feeling Good Institute (FGI) offers many training opportunities, as well as TEAM-CBT consultation groups for therapists. All of the course offerings are listed here and described below.

1. Mike Christensen’s twelve-week training: Comprehensive Live Online CBT Training for Therapists. Mike is a TEAM-CBT Level 4 Clinician and Trainer and a fantastic teacher. Space is strictly limited to fifteen participants to provide an intimate learning experience with lots of opportunity to practice, receive feedback, and improve your skills. This course meets weekly online for 12 weeks and starts Monday 1/7/19 (5-6:45pm PST, 8-9:45pm EST). 21 CE*s. $720.


2. Daniel Mintie’s online training: CBT Skills, Training, and Practice: A Case-Based Course. This course meets every other week for three months. Daniel is a Level 5 TEAM-CBT Therapist and Trainer with Feeling Good Institute and a warm and thoughtful teacher. Each class in this biweekly series will begin with a presentation of one or more aspects of the TEAM-CBT model, followed by practice using case material from participants clinical work or instructor case examples. Daniel’s course meets every other week online for 3 months and the next quarter starts Friday 1/4/19 (12-1:45pm PST). 10.5 CE*s. $395.

3. David Burns and Jill Levitt present: TEAM-CBT Methods for Unwanted Habits and Addictions: Step-by-Step Training for Therapists. Join us for a day of fun and inspiring learning on site in Palo Alto OR online from anywhere in the world. This workshop will teach you tools to reduce resistance and boost motivation to change as well as practical cognitive tools you can use with your patients to help them overcome difficult-to-stop habits and addictions. Join us for a highly interactive day with many case examples and opportunities for practice using role plays. Sunday February 3rd, 2019 (8:30am-4:30pm PST). 7 CE*s. $135

Jill and david 2

4. Jill Levitt’s four-week training: Melting Away Resistance in CBT. Jill is a Master Therapist and Trainer in TEAM-CBT and the Director of Training at Feeling Good Institute and a warm and engaging teacher. This course teaches you tools to reduce resistance and boost motivation with your patients–a skill set most therapists are eager to learn! There will be ample opportunities for role playing and practice. Jill’s course meets weekly online for 4 weeks and starts Friday 3/8/19 (11am-12:45pm PST). 10.5 CE*s. $360

jill photo 1

5. Jill Levitt’s six-week training: Practical CBT Methods for Depression, Anxiety, and Unwanted Habits. This course focuses on TEAM-CBT methods and includes didactic teaching as well as ample opportunities for role playing and practice. Jill’s course meets weekly online for 6 weeks and starts Friday 4/26/19 (11am-12:45pm PST). 10.5 CE*s. $36

The Feeling Good Institute also welcomes clinical referrals onsite in Mountain View, CANew York City, or via the video therapy program. FGI offers both traditional therapy (1 hr weekly sessions) as well as one-on-one intensive therapy consisting of many hours of individual therapy over a short period of time for more rapid and efficient results.


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Brief Therapy Conference, December 6 – 9, Burlingame, California

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1, Healing Yourself: A Live Demonstration of TEAM-CBT

on Friday, December 7, 2018, from  10:45  – 12:45 PM

Drs. David Burns and Jill Levitt will do a live therapy session
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2. “Great Conversations”

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3. Overcoming Therapeutic Resistance

Keynote Address by Dr. Burns on Sunday, December 9, 2018, from  2:30  – 3:30 PM

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Another Trivial (but Magical) Cat Photo!

Another Trivial (but Magical) Cat Photo!

Hi visitors and FeelingGood.com members,

Recently I posted my most “trivial” blog ever, an incredibly charming cat photo from my brilliant colleague, Helen Yeni-Komshian, MD. Now I cannot resist the urge to post another fantastic cat photo, this one supplied by another brilliant colleague, Jill Levitt, PhD.


You may recall Jill from the live therapy with Mark. She was my co-therapist. If you didn’t catch it, it is one of the Feeling Good Podcasts, which you can find on my website, feelinggood.com.

You will soon get to meet Helen as well, as she is going to join Fabrice and me for the first two podcasts in our upcoming series on the Five Secrets of Effective Communication! That series will start in a week or so, so stay tuned to the Podcasts!

Jill and Helen are also my two co-leaders at our weekly psychotherapy group at Stanford. We meet Tuesdays from 5 to 7:30, and our group is open to Bay Area mental health professionals as well as graduate students in any type of mental health training program. The group is free of charge, and pretty wonderful! The Tuesday group is a highlight of my week, along with our Sunday hikes.

You can read about my late and most beloved cat, Obie, who become my personal friend, at this link, if you are interested. We lost him about a year ago, and I am still grieving our loss, as is my wife. Our pets give us so much. Cat and dog lovers will know exactly what I mean.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone. I am thankful for so many of you who are now reading the blogs and listening to the Feeling Good Podcasts and blogs on my website. Each day, the messages now go out to many thousands of individuals!


My live FB broadcasts have been moved to 3 PM Pacific (California) Time every Sunday afternoon. I hope you can join us! The show is for therapists and the general public alike. If you cannot join us live, you can download the shows and listen any time that’s convenient for you!

Feel free to submit questions you’d like me to cover in these shows. Your questions drive the discussion each Sunday afternoon!


How to Find My FB Broadcasts

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Join me as I answer mental health questions from viewers — therapists and non-therapists alike — from all over the world. Type your question in the Facebook feed and I’ll do my best to answer it.

If you miss the broadcast you can watch the saved videos on my Facebook page! Also, viewers can watch these Live Facebook broadcasts as well as other interesting TEAM-CBT videos on the Feeling Good Institute’s YouTube channel!

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Jill’s Journey

Jill’s Journey

Jill’s Journey from CBT to TEAM

Dear web visitors, friends, and colleagues,

You might enjoy this brief (six-minute) video from my dear colleague, Jill Levitt, PhD, who I teach with at my weekly Stanford psychotherapy training seminar, which is free to local mental health professionals. In the video that follows, Jill describes her personal journey from traditional CBT to TEAM-CBT.


Jill is a fabulous therapist because she combines masterful technical skills with great compassion and empathy. In addition, she is director of training at the Feeling Good Institute in Mt. View, California. She also offers weekly online training groups for therapists as well, so you can join from anywhere in the world. Check it out if you want to give your clinical skills a shot in the arm!

Some of you may remember Jill from the live therapy podcasts that she and I did with Mark in the spring of 2017 on the theme, “I’m a failure as a father.”  If you haven’t yet listened to those podcasts, you might find them compelling. The response from listeners was tremendous.

Perhaps that’s because so many of us, perhaps including you, sometimes feel that we’ve fallen short in our role as a father, mother, partner, teacher, or whatever. The session documents Mark’s extraordinary recovery / enlightenment occurring in real time in a single TEAM therapy session. You will witness decades of depression suddenly transformed into overwhelming joy.

If you want to see Jill and David in action, we will be doing a half-day and a full-day workshop on TEAM-CBT at the upcoming ABCT conference (Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies) in San Diego in November, and we’d love to see you there. If you live in northern California, and you’re a licensed mental health professional or graduate student, you’d also be welcome to join our free Tuesday training group at Stanford.

Here are the particulars on our ABCT presentations, in case you want to join us!

ABCT Conference
(Annual Meeting of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies)

November 16 – 17, 2017, San Diego

Jill and I will present two workshops on the latest developments in high-speed psychotherapy (TEAM-CBT) for depression and anxiety disorders. I LOVE teaching with Jill at our weekly psychotherapy training seminar at Stanford every Tuesday. She is a tremendous teacher and therapist, so these promise to be fun and highly educational presentations.

Thursday, November 16, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Building a Better CBT-An introduction to the TEAM-CBT model (6 hours)

Friday, November 17, 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
When Helping Doesn’t Help: Overcoming Therapeutic Resistance With TEAM-CBT (3 hours)



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