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062:  Ask David. Five Secrets of Effective Communication / Psychotherapy Homework

062: Ask David. Five Secrets of Effective Communication / Psychotherapy Homework

Will people manipulate you if they catch on to the fact that you’re using the Five Secrets of Effective Communication? Is it fair to ask depressed patients to do psychotherapy homework between sessions when they’re already struggling with a loss of motivation?

In today’s podcast, David and Fabrice address two questions submitted by listeners:

  1. Robert asks whether it would be a problem if you are using the Five Secrets of Effective Communication (the Disarming Technique, Thought and Feeling Empathy, Inquiry, “I Feel” Statements, and Stroking) with someone who is already familiar with these techniques. Isn’t there a danger that they might see through you and  therefore thwart your efforts and manipulate you?
  2. Avi asks about the importance of psychotherapy homework in TEAM-CBT. He points out that the loss of motivation is one of the central symptoms of depression, so aren’t we in a catch 22 type of situation since patients might not have the strength and perseverance to do their homework?

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David Live on FB Tomorrow

David Live on FB Tomorrow

Hi folks,

I will be LIVE on FB tomorrow afternoon, Sunday, October 15th, around 2 p.m. PDT, or a bit later, depending on when we finish our Sunday hike and brunch.

This will be my second live question and answer session on Facebook. I will be on video and will be eager to answer your questions. This is something I love to do! Last week, I did it for the first time at 5th suggestion of my colleague, Lisa Kelley, and people popped up from all over the world, even though we did not announce it ahead of time! Lisa gave me the following code to post, but I don’t know what it is or how it works!

Please share this post to spread the news! Hope to see you and talk to you tomorrow.

Thanks, David

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