On this page, I will post links to interesting or controversial information about mental health care.

 Cognitive Distortions and Physical Well-Being

I recently did an interview for a popular health and wellness website (POPSUGAR) that you might enjoy. To check it out, Click Here.


CBT on Steroids?

Hi webfolks,

I’ve been doing a lot of interviews for other people with podcasts. For a link to a recent interview with Alexander Vaz, from Portugal, CLICK HERE. They are just getting started with CBT in Portugal, I believe, and Alexander was a really fun guy to shoot the breeze with. If you aren’t yet overdosed with David podcasts and interviews, you might enjoy it!


David Helps Poker Pros!

Apparently, the description of the Approval Addiction in Feeling Good is helping top poker players. Check it out!
Maybe you, too, can make millions in the poker world if you read, Feeling Good! (Not) David


For a thoughtful and critical review of the potentially severe conflicts of interest that plague the highly lucrative Psycho-Pharmacology industry, Click Here.


My two most popular books, Feeling Good and The Feeling Good Handbook, have sold more than 5 million copies in the US, and many more worldwide. One of the reasons for the success of these books is that they appear to have significant antidepressant properties. Dr. Forrest Scogin of the University of Alabama has published numerous controlled outcome studies on Feeling Good, to find out if a self-help book could actually help someone who is depressed. Read about his pioneering work in this NY Time article by clicking here.

Psychotherapy’s Image Problem

To read this recent article about the negative perception of psychotherapy, and why it exists. click here.

Advances in the Treatment of Anxiety

If you’d like to watch Rich Simon from the Psychotherapy Networker interview Dr. Burns on new approaches to the treatment of anxiety disorders, click here.

The Motivation Revolution

You can view my lecture at a recent Networker Symposium in Washington, DC below. I describe how therapists can integrate powerful and innovative motivational techniques with cognitive behavior therapy to produce extremely high-speed treatment for many patients who are struggling with depression, anxiety disorders, relationship problems, and habits and addictions. This new approach is based on the simple and somewhat obvious notion that our feelings and behaviors are influenced as much by motivational factors as by cognitive factors, an idea at the heart of what we now call T.E.A.M. Therapy.


Amazing Grace

Try this link for some great music!


To see a moving video that vividly illustrates the enormous importance of empathy,  click here

Amazing Talent

We are lucky, as humans, to have that occasional genius or prodigy who stuns us with talent, intelligence, and so forth. Check out this 9 year-old opera singer here.

Amazing Video

While we’re on the topic of music and inspiration, this link always brings tears to my eyes. It will make it easier for you to understand my love for our little lion, Obie. Check it out.

You can read about Obie here.

David’s Favorite Song

It’s by Tom Waits and it’s called “Never Let Go.”

if you read the U-Tube comments, you will see that the father of someone who commented chose this song for his funeral. I think I understand why, in part.

Another Favorite

Like the Tom Waits song, this one seems to be about death. “Over the Rainbow.”

Modern Motorcycle Diaries

Pretty awesome trip! A colleague sent this link, and I really enjoyed it.  Check it out

Cool Pictures

Check them out.

Do you Have an Achievement Addiction?

My colleague, Brac Selph, Psy.D., provided a link with some interesting comments on the connections between the fear of failure and the achievement addiction. The brief article also has some suggestions on how we can help kids deal with these pressures more effectively. To check it out, click here.

Peet Seeger’s Death

This is an email I receive from my daughter this morning: “Pete Seeger just died. This is a song from his 90th b-day celebration. It made me weep. Hope you find it beautiful, too.  Love, Sig”

The song may make you weep, too.

Here is the link.

Comments on Pete Seeger’s Death

Dr. Annie Hanaway,  one of the members of my weekly Stanford training group, sent the following email to our group emailing list after I sent the link above to all of our members. Annie gave me permission to post it here. Annie commutes all the way from Portland to attend, and has contributed tremendous warmth and enthusiasm to our group.


Fare Thee Well, Pete! Your music, passion and inspiration kept me going during some of the hardest points of my college years. Thanks for being  such a force of life and living, thanks for your sense of humor and  fighting for justice and the earth, thanks for your rockin’ banjo  playing and all the rousing concerts and your wonderful silliness. You really had a big impact on my life. I’m glad you were going strong all the way to 90. I am sad knowing you are no longer with us in the world.

Thank you so much for posting this, David. It’s got me feeling really bittersweet, teary and full of memories, and also so very touched, inspired and moved by this amazing person’s legacy.