328: Awesome Workshop Coming Soon!

“Overcoming Toxic Shame”

Join Dr. Jill Levitt and me 

at our fabulous new workshop

Sunday, February 5th, 2023

8:30am – 4:30pm PST – 7 CE units

Click here for information and registration

In today’s podcast, David and Jill describe their new workshop on Overcoming Toxic Shame. This workshop will feature video snippets from a fantastic session with a beloved colleague named Melanie who struggled with intense feelings of anxiety and shame for more than 8 years. You will see her transformation from utter despair to joy in a single therapy session lasting roughly two hours, and you will get the chance to learn and practice the techniques that were so transformative for her.

Most mental health professionals also struggle with feelings of shame because of their belief that they aren’t “good enough” and from fears of being found out. You will have the chance to heal yourself while you master cool new techniques to transform the lives of your patients!

In today’s podcast, David and Jill do a live demonstration of a couple of the many techniques they will illustrate on February, which will include the Paradoxical Double Standardl Technique, Externalization of Voices, and the Feared Fantasy. You will not only witness a remarkable change in Melanie, as well as a sudden, severe and unexpected relapse half way through the session. David ang Jill will ask, “If you were the therapist, what would you do right now?” What follows is AMAZING!

Jill practices and serves as the Director of Training at the Feeling Good Institute in Mountain View California. She is also co-leader of my Tuesday evening weekly training group at Stanford (now entirely virtual). This group is totally free and is available to mental health professional in the Bay Area and around the world.

Dr. Rhonda Barovsky is a Level 5 Certified TEAM-CBT therapist and trainer and specializes in the treatment of trauma, anxiety, depression, and relationship problems. Check out her website:

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