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Smashing Social Anxiety–

Shame Attacking and Beyond

 Featuring David Burns, MD and Jill Levitt, PhD

Sunday, October 2, 2022

8:30 AM to 4:30 PM PST

7 CE Units* $195

Shrinks AND the General Public are Welcome!

Do you or your patients struggle with

  • Shyness?

  • Public Speaking Anxiety?

  • Test Anxiety?

  • Performance Anxiety?

  • Shy Bladder / Bowel Syndrome?

I’ve had all of them! That’s why this is my favorite clinical problems. Because whatever you’ve got, I can say “I know from personal experience how much that sucks. I’ve had the exact same thing! And it will be a tremendous joy showing you how to beat it!”

On Sunday, October 2, 2022, Jill and I will show you how to

  • reduce / eliminate the intense resistance you’ll see in nearly all your anxious patients–this is HUGE!

  • incorporate sophisticated tracking techniques that will transform how you see and work with all your patients

  • crush the distorted thoughts and Self-Defeating Beliefs at the root of all anxiety

  • use the amazing Hidden Emotion Technique to quickly eliminate symptoms and transform the patient’s understanding of why she or he struggles with such intense anxiety

  • And more!

Well also show you how to heal use mind-blowing Interpersonal Exposure Techniques such as

  • Smile and Hello Practice

  • Talk Show Host

  • Flirting Training

  • Rejection Practice

  • Self-Disclosure

  • Survey Technique

  • Shame-Attacking Exercises

  • Feared Fantasy Technique, including a dramatic video from an actual therapy session with a young woman struggling with crippling shyness

You’ll have a ton of fun while you learn powerful new skills that you can use right away in your clinical practice. You’ll also enjoy three small group practice sessions with individual feedback and mentoring to help you master the key ideas and techniques that Jill and I will illustrate.


Free Bonus Course

We’ve also added a free Bonus Home Study Crash Course in Core Skills for Effective Therapy. This 5-hour (5 CE*) training will teach you the essential skills you need to be an effective therapist . . .  AND. . .  you’ll earn your free Level 1 Certification in TEAM-CBT!

Jill and I hope you can join us!

* * * 

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