Five Exciting Podcasts Starting Monday!

Five Cool Feeling Good

Podcasts Starting Monday!

Make sure you listen to the next five Feeling Good Podcasts with David and Dr. Rhonda Barovsky:

1. Monday, February 21st, Podcast 282. Deliberate Practice, featuring Mike Christensen. Mike asks: Was David right all along? What IS deliberate practice and why should you care about it?

2. Monday, February 28th, Podcast Special Edition 1 of 2, featuring Jeremy Karmel and David. What unexpected results emerged from the latest and largest one-day beta test of the Feeling Good App? Was it effective? How did one-day with the app compare with a full course of CBT, other forms of psychotherapy, and antidepressant medications? And—What are the implications of this research for the future of psychotherapy?


3. Monday, March 7th, Podcast Special Edition 2 of 2, featuring Jeremy Karmel and David. What surprising findings emerged from the basic science analyses of the one-day beta test of the Feeling Good App? Do negative thoughts REALLY cause depression, anxiety, and anger, as claimed by Epictetus nearly 2,000 years ago? Do different kinds of negative feelings REALLY result from an unknown “Common Cause?” Is happiness simply the absence of depression? PLUS—How does the Feeling Good App REALLY work? What are the factors that actually trigger change?


4. Monday, March 14th, Podcast 283. Ask David, part 1, featuring Dr. Matthew May. How can we most effectively teach our patients the self-acceptance, and is it really the door to enlightenment, as claimed by the Buddha 2500 years ago? And more.

5. Monday, March 21st, Podcast 284. Ask David, part 2, featuring Dr. Matthew May. Once you’ve identified a Self-Defeating Belief (SDB), like the Addiction to Perfection, Achievement, Love, or Approval, what specific techniques can you use to change that belief? And once you’ve decided to junk an SDB, what new belief can you put it its place? And more.

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