The Deeper Dimension in CBT: Getting at Root Causes


Dr. Jill Levitt


The Deeper Dimension in CBT:

Getting at Root Causes

Join Drs. David Burns and Jill Levitt,

the “Dynamic Duo,”

for a fun and engaging day of

learning, practice, and community building.

Sunday February 6th, 2022,

8:30 am – 4:30 pm PST

Live Online 7 CE Units* $135

Typically, the psychodynamic and psychoanalytic therapies have focused on exploring childhood experiences to pinpoint the root causes of emotional and interpersonal problems, while the Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies have focused more on the rapid modification of current thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

In this exciting workshop, you will learn how to use four uncovering techniques that can bring the root causes to conscious awareness quickly, including:

The Individual Downward Arrow: This powerful technique rapidly highlights the Self-Defeating Beliefs that trigger depression, such as Perfectionism, Perceived Perfectionism, the Approval and Love Addictions, and more. These are also called “Self-Esteem Equations.

The Interpersonal Downward Arrow: Also known as “psychoanalysis at warp speed,” this amazing technique highlights the dysfunctional relationship patterns that trigger conflicts with others.

The What-If Technique: This technique, developed by the late Dr. Albert Ellis, highlights the root fear lurking behind the patient’s anxiety.

The Hidden Emotion Technique: This technique brings suppressed feelings that can trigger anxiety to conscious awareness.

You will also learn strategies to transform these insights into rapid growth and lasting change for your patients.

Bonus: A team of trainers will be online with you, answering your questions and helping you practice CBT techniques throughout the day.

Can’t attend live? A video recording of the workshop will be sent to all registered participants to view for up to one month.

This workshop will be limited to health and mental health professionals and graduate students in mental health / medical training programs.


* * *

And that’s not all!

Coming Soon!

Free, two-hour, highly interactive workshop on

Habits and Addictions!

by Dr. David Burns with Dr. Rhonda Barovsky

Wed, January 26, 11 to 1 PM, PST

What’s YOUR Secret Habit / Addiction? Binge eating?



Nail biting?


Are you a Shop-a-Holic?

Excessive cell phone use?

Internet Surfing?

Learn to defeat your own habits and addictions, with the help of:

  • The Triple Paradox

  • The Devil’s Advocate Technique

  • The Externalization of Resistance

  • and more

I’ll be sending out the registration link soon, so keep posted!

This workshop is totally FREE

and is for EVERYBODY!

I hope you can join us!


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