Last Chance to Register! The All-New Cognitive Distortion Starter Kit!

The All-New Cognitive Distortion Starter Kit

by David Burns, MD

A One-Day Workshop on May 5, 2021

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8:30 AM to 5:00 PM West Coast Time: 7 CE Credits

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Sponsored by Jack Hirose & Associates

Dear colleague,

We are just one week away from an amazing workshop on how to crush each of the ten cognitive distortions. This populr workshop has been completely reworked with incredible videos and tremendously helpful methods that I can’t wait to share with you!

You will learn how to select and use the most effective treatment methods for each of the distortions in your clients’ (or your own) negative thoughts, such as All-or-Nothing Thinking, Overgeneralization, Should Statements, Emotional Reasoning, Fortune Telling, and more.  I will bring each technique to life with case examples, inspiring videos, and step by step instructions to help you master techniques that will boost your effectiveness in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

I will also show you how to melt away resistance before using any methods to change the way the client thinks and feels. Then, I’ll illustrate tremendous techniques like Best/Worst/Average, Be Specific, the Externalization of Voices (with Self-Defense, the Acceptance Paradox, and the CAT,) Let’s Define Terms, the Socratic Technique, the Survey Technique, the Experimental Technique, Examine the Evidence, the Feared Fantasy, and more.

Join me next Wednesday, May 5th for a day chock full of learning, inspiration and personal growth. You may cry and laugh, and I know we’ll all have fun.



This is the cover of my new book, Feeling Great.

The kindle and audio versions are now available too!