The Gift of Happiness

Happiness is the greatest gift of all for the upcoming holidays, and there’s some good news. PESI is offering a 15% discount on the purchase of Feeling Great: The Revolutionary New Treatment for Depression and Anxiety. It’s the perfect holiday gift for a friend or loved one who needs a boost in self-esteem, and a terrific gift as well for the therapist who wants to hone his or her clinical skills.

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Act fast because this offer ends December 31st!

And have a blessed holiday and a very happy (and hopefully way better) 2021!


David Burns, MD


PS I thought you might enjoy these photos of the first Zoom meeting of the Feeling Great book club that was just formed under the sponsorship of Dr. Sharon Batista <> and Dr. Robert Schachter <>. It sounds like they’re having a great time. This club is primarily for mental health professionals, but similar clubs might also be popular for the general public.

Feel free to contact them if you’d like more information on their club or some tips on forming your own Feeling Great book club!



My new book, Feeling Great,  is now available on Amazon , including
kindle. The audio version should be available this month as well.