Coming Soon! The Cognitive Distortion Starter Kit!

Act fast if you’d like to attend this terrific TEAM-CBT Workshop!

Your Cognitive Distortion Starter Kit

by David Burns, MD

A One-Day Workshop on November 13, 2020

8:30 AM to 4:45 PM Eastern Time: 7 CE Credits

Sponsored by J&K Seminars, Lancaster, PA

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Workshop Description

In this workshop, you will learn how to select the most effective treatment methods based on the distortions in your own or your clients’ negative thoughts. You will learn how to use Positive Reframing, Best/Worst/Average, Be Specific, the Externalization of Voices, Let’s Define Terms, the Socratic Technique, the Survey Technique, the Experimental Technique, Examine the Evidence, the Acceptance Paradox, the Feared Fantasy, and more.
I hope you can join me on Friday the 13th. We’re going to make it a GOOD luck day!


* * *

If you can’t make the November 13th workshop I’ll be presenting another great TEAM-CBT workshop the following Friday:

Feeling Great: A New, High-Speed Treatment for Depression

by David Burns, MD

A One-Day Workshop on November 20, 2020

Time: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (West Coast Time) 6 CE credits

Sponsored by PESI / Psychotherapy Networker

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You’ll get a $20 discount if you use the promo code, GREAT20, when you register.
Workshop Description
In this workshop, you’ll learn about the two forms of resistance that can undermine the treatment of depression. You will also learn how to eliminate resistance and open the door to ultra-rapid recovery. I will bring these new methods to life with dramatic video clips from live therapy sessions.
I hope you can join me at one of these programs!

My new book, Feeling Great,  is now available on Amazon , including
kindle. The audio version should be available this month as well.