Upcoming David Workshops in November

Dear colleague,
In November I will be presenting two one day CE workshops, including a repeat of the popular

Cognitive Distortion Starter Kit

by David Burns, MD

A One-Day Workshop on November 13, 2020

8:30 AM to 4:45 PM Eastern Time: 7 CE Credits

Sponsored by J&K Seminars, Lancaster, PA

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Workshop Description

In this workshop, you will learn how to select the most effective treatment methods based on the distortions in your clients’ (or your own) negative thoughts. I will present many case examples and role play demonstrations to help you master powerful techniques that will boost your effectiveness in the treatment of patients struggling with depression, anxiety, and self-doubt. You will also see inspiring and dramatic video clips from actual therapy sessions that will bring these new techniques to life.
You will learn how to crush each of the ten familiar cognitive distortions, with methods such as Positive Reframing, Best/Worst/Average, Be Specific, the Externalization of Voices, Let’s Define Terms, the Socratic Technique, the Survey Technique, the Experimental Technique, Examine the Evidence, the Acceptance Paradox, the Feared Fantasy, and more.
Topics will include:
  • The benefits of Testing.
  • How to use Worst, Best, Average for thoughts that include Overgeneralization and Labeling
  • How to use Be Specific
  • How to use Let’s Define Terms
  • Techniques to crush the distorted thoughts that trigger depression and anxiety.
  • How to identify Self-Defeating Beliefs with the Downward Arrow Technique.
  • The necessary and sufficient conditions for emotional change.
  • How to do the Paradoxical Cost-Benefit Analysis to reduce intense self-criticisms.
  • How to use the Feared Fantasy Technique to reduce feelings of shame.

* * *

On November 20, I will be presenting a repeat of the popular

Feeling Great: A New, High-Speed Treatment for Depression

by David Burns, MD

A One-Day Workshop on November 20, 2020

Time: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (West Coast Time) 6 CE credits

Sponsored by PESI / Psychotherapy Networker

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You’ll get a $20 discount if you use the promo code, GREAT20, when you register.
Workshop Description
Research indicates that most, if not all, current treatments for depression and anxiety are barely more effective than placebos, if at all. In most studies, fewer than half of the patients even experience a 50% reduction in depression after many months of treatment. Research also suggests that therapeutic failure nearly always results from patient resistance that hasn’t been skillfully addressed.
Most depressed patients believe they’re damaged, defective, or just “not good enough.” Perhaps you’ve felt that way at times. And although your patients may yearn for change, many of them seem to cling to feelings of depression and worthlessness, as well as the distorted thoughts that trigger these feelings.
In this workshop, you’ll learn about the two forms of resistance that can undermine the treatment of depression and anxiety. You will also learn how to quickly eliminate resistance and open the door to ultra-rapid recovery. Doctor Burns will bring these incredible methods to life with inspiring and dramatic video clips from live therapy sessions with two women recovered from years of depression, anxiety, shame, and anger in a single, two-hour therapy session.
Were these changes real? Can people really recover from chronic and refractory mood problems in a single therapy session? And can these changes last?
You will learn many powerful techniques to pinpoint and reduce therapeutic resistance, such as the Magic Button, Positive Reframing, Pivot Question and Magic Dial. You will also lean powerful techniques to crush the negative thoughts that cause depression and anxiety, including Explain the Distortions, the Downward Arrow Technique, the Experimental Technique, Examine the Evidence, the Externalization of Voices, Double Standard, Feared Fantasy, and more. Finally, you will learn fast, effective Relapse Prevention Techniques for lasting change.
Prepare to explore a revolutionary, paradoxical, and exciting new treatment based on the premise that depression and anxiety do not result from what’s wrong with you, but from what’s right with you!
In this workshop you will discover how to:
  • Accurately track changes in symptoms from the start to the end of every session
  • Accurately track therapist empathy at every session
  • Avoid the “reverse hypnosis” that sabotages treatment
  • Distinguish between Outcome and Process Resistance, the two roadblocks to successful therapy
  • Use the elements of the TEAM—T = testing, E = empathy, A = Assessment of resistance and M = Methods—to bring about high-speed change
  • Quickly melt away client resistance
  • Crush the negative thoughts that cause depression and anxiety
  • Conquer your own feelings of insecurity and self-doubt and leave the workshop feeling great!
I hope you can join me at one of these programs!

This is the cover of my new book, Feeling Great.

The kindle is available now, too, and the audio version should be available in November.