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Join me for a special free one-hour Feeling Great Workshop  on Tuesday, September 29 | 12-1 pm CDT. You’ll learn how to rapidly transform feelings of depression and anxiety into feelings of joy. . .

And you’ll get one free CE credit, too!

Thank you for your support for my new book, Feeling Great, which immediately jumped to the #1 ranking in depression on Amazon following its release last week.

As my way of saying thank you, I’m sending you this advanced notice for free ticket(s), since registrations will be strictly limited.

In the workshop, I will include dramatic and inspiring video clips from my treatment of a woman suffering from years of unrelenting depression, anxiety, anger, and guilt following a horrific trauma involving her 12-year-old daughter.

You will see how her intense negative feelings were transformed into feelings of immense happiness in a single, two-hour therapy session.

And of course, I’ll explain exactly how the new TEAM-CBT works so you can use these powerful techniques in your clinical practice—and for yourself, if you also need a little emotional tune-up!

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I hope to see you there!

David Burns, MD

PS – If you can’t join me live, Sign up here and PESI, the workshop sponsor, will send you the on-demand recording after the live event.

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Dr. Burns has done it again! Bravo! – Jonah Paquette, PsyD,

Nothing short of amazing! – Michael D. Greenwald, PhD

Feeling Great is a must. Dr Burns is a visionary and genius at helping people overcome depression and anxiety. – Matthew May, MD

BRILLIANT AND POWERFUL!!! This book is pure gold and a breath of fresh air. – Sara Verduzco Shane, LMFT

Absolutely groundbreaking. . . Dr. Burns is a genius, and his latest work is a true gift to us all! – Sarah Hester, LMFT

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Life-changing! – Brandon:

Powerfully liberating! – Carroll R Thomas

Comprehensive, creative and very helpful! – Muthukumar Venkatachalam:

This book is pure gold! Life changing and totally transformative! –  Ria

He’s done it again! – Kate

Expands on the classic,
Feeling Good, and delivers what it says.
– Faisal Nsour

Empowering and enlightening! – Experimental

I’m loving Feeling Great. It’s an amazing book. I would describe
it as Feeling Good times ten! Christian Anderson

You owe it to yourself to FEEL GREAT!