The November Atlanta Intensive–Four Amazing Days of Training!

High-Speed Treatment of Depression and Anxiety Disorders

 The Incredible Atlanta Intensive
Is Coming Soon—November 4 – 7, 2019!

 With David D. Burns, MD

Join me in Atlanta and learn how TEAM-CBT can produce extremely rapid and lasting changes for your clients—and for you! You will practice and master powerful new therapy techniques that will boost your effectiveness in the treatment of depression and all of the anxiety disorders.

This workshop will be experiential. You will have the chance to practice many innovative techniques in small groups and get immediate feedback from me and my colleagues so you can refine your skills. You’ll also have the chance to work on your own feelings of insecurity and self-doubt so you can leave this workshop on a high, with renewed confidence and excitement about your clinical work.

This dynamic workshop offers:

  • Amazing TEAM-CBT techniques that will transform your approach to therapy.
  • Innovative resistance-busting techniques to boost patient motivation and eliminate “yes-butting.”
  • Live demonstrations and video clips from actual therapy sessions.
  • Powerful Relapse Prevention Training for lasting results.
  • Lots of fun and the chance to get some emotional refueling!
  • Tons of CE credit–33 hours!

There will be two dynamic and inspiring evening sessions in addition to the four day sessions. You’ll work extremely hard and you’ll be exhausted at the end, but you’ll be feeling greater joy and happiness, with a new vision for life and clinical work.

The intensives are almost always the best workshops of the year, by far. I hope you can join us in Atlanta! But move fast if you’re interested, since the date is just around the corner!

This will be my first east coast intensive in more than 20 years! If YOU can join me, it will be over the top! 

This workshop has been approved for Levels 1 through 3 TEAM-CBT Certification
and is suitable for novice as well as highly experienced therapists and coaches. Graduate students are also welcome.

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Participant Feedback at the SF Summer Intensive

  • Awesome
  • The intervention on anxiety was so inspiring. Very powerful . . . a healing and amazing experience!
  • I loved the Stage Fright demonstration. The stage was full of such beautiful people. I love your spontaneity, David, normalizing it with your nightmarish experience. Yeah! Celebrate!
  • Such a safe environment. Vicarious healing. Awesome!
  • Superb at all levels. Dr. Burns’ brilliance shines through even in the difficult moments.
  • The unplanned and spontaneous anxiety (fear of public speaking) group was a real WOW!
  • It was beautiful!
  • It was Fantastic to see all the people with public speaking anxiety get up on stage. Fantastic! They looked at the fear monster in the face and realized it has no teeth!!
  • The Externalization of Voices role-play was awesome.
  • Love the sensibility of joyous failure!
  • Fantastic training!
  • Amazing!
  • David’s integration of philosophy and spirituality into the TEAM-CBT model—absolutely brilliant! An amazing experience!
  • Today was very emotional for me. I didn’t have the courage to get up on stage and speak about my public speaking anxiety, but it was a wonder to watch the other participants share their own struggles. It brought tears to my eyes. Wonderful!
  • During the practice with the Externalization of Voices, I experienced a shift that I did not think would be possible.
  • Demos, role-plays. Helpers were fantastic, supportive. I learned a lot. Lots of tears. Facing my demons. Thank you, Dr. Burns!
  • I think these ideas are light years better than most things that typically happen in therapy! Very motivating!
  • We saw healing happen before our very eyes!
  • Wow, fabulous! To go through the whole exercise was rewarding. The helpers were awesome. Thank you, Dr. Burns, for your awesomeness and helpful, brilliant mind.
  • WOW WOW WOW! No words needed. AMAZING! Thank you for this experience!
  • Thrilling!
  • Superb!! Thank you, Dr. Burns!
  • Our helper was awesome. Loved the night session! A+!