David’s Awesome Summer Intensives–Are You Planning to Come to One?

High-Speed Treatment of Depression and Anxiety Disorders—

Attend the Summer / Fall Intensives

With David D. Burns, MD!

Three Great Locations—

Calgary, July 15 to 18, 2019

South San Francisco, July 29 to August 1, 2019

Atlanta, November 4 to 7, 2019

What so great about the intensives?

  • Observe live demonstrations of TEAM-CBT with audience volunteers that are cool, powerful and inspirational.
  • Have FUN—lots of neat people to hang out with!
  • Earn TEAM certification credits as well as CE credits.
  • Learn tons of powerful new techniques to boost your effectiveness in the treatment of depression, anxiety disorders, and habits and addictions.
  • Practice in small groups, with immediate feedback to help you refine and master your new skills.
  • Learn to pinpoint the eight most common forms of therapeutic resistance.
  • Learn how to melt away therapeutic resistance for super-fast recoveries.
  • Overcome your own feelings of anxiety and self-doubt, and leave the workshop in a state of joyous enlightenment! You can’t beat that!
  • Lots of tears—and lots of laughter!
  • You’ll work your butt off—but come out with exciting new insights and directions for your clinical work.

Special features at this year’s South SF intensive

  • Sunny Choi will be speaking on “TEAM with Compassion.” Sunny spoke last year and was amazing, so he is returning, as they say, “by popular demand.”
  • Jill Levitt will be joining David as co-therapist for the live demonstration on the evening of day 1. In past years, these dramatic live demos have provided tremendous opportunities for learning.
  • Do your own “solo flight” on the evening of day 3. In previous years, this has been the highlight of the annual SF intensive.
  • I will be joined by many expert helpers from the Feeling Good Institute who will provide feedback and mentoring for you during the many practice sessions. Of course, I’ll be giving you personal feedback, too!

Special features at this year’s Calgary, Canada intensive

  • The three optional evening hikes / meals together will be a highlight for many. While hiking, you will have chances for personal work with David, Q and A, and additional practice with the many new techniques you are learning.
  • There will be a live demo on the morning of day 2.

The summer / fall intensives are almost always my best teaching of the year. If you attend, this year’s intensives will be even better!

The Calgary Intensive will be from July 15 to 18, 2019.
For more information / registration, click here!

The South SF Intensive will be from July 29 to August 1, 2019.
For more information / registration, click here!

The new Atlanta intensive will be from November 4 – 7, 2019,
and will be similar to the South SF Intensive.
This will be my first east coast intensive in 25 years!
For more information / registration, click here!

David Burns, MD

Unsolicited Testimonials from Participants at David’s Workshops

These are anonymous comments on workshop evaluation forms:

  • The live demonstration in the evening was freaking incredible!!!
  • The live demonstration was dynamite! . . . It was beautiful!!
  • The entire process was fantastic!
  • I liked all of it! I appreciated Dr. Burns willingness to be vulnerable with his own flaws and fears.

Here’s a photo of my esteemed colleague, Mike Christensen, at a recent Canadian workshop. We’ll be working together again this year in Calgary!


Here’s a photo from some of my Sunday hikes in California with therapists from my free weekly training group at Stanford.