The (Totally Free) David and Jill Show Returns this Sunday, January 13, 2019!

Can the Five Secrets of Effective Communication Help Us in this Era of Intensely Polarized Politics?

After a hiatus for the holidays, the Sunday FB Live David and Jill Show will return with an exciting and controversial topic. How can we communicate more effectively with friends, family and loved ones who are on the opposite side of the political divide?

Clearly, our nation is split into intensely polarized political factions, and we can all feel the frustration. Passions on both sides of the divide are strong and often filled with hostility and mistrust. Communicate with colleagues, friends and loved ones with radically different political beliefs can be challenging, to say the least.

Jill and I  will respond to a podcast fan who kindly allowed us to share her intensely painful conflict with her mother on the show. One is an ardent Trump fan, and the other is an equally passionate anti-Trumper, and they are both shedding plenty of tears and struggling with feelings of intense anger and exasperation!

Can you identify with similar conflicts in your own family or circle of friends? I know that I can, and it can be extremely painful and disturbing.

Is there any hope? What can we do? Tune in this Sunday and find out!

Jill and I will give you our take on how to communicate more effectively with friends and loved ones in the next David and Jill Show! We will also highlight common errors that our podcast fan is making–and these are errors that you are likely to make, too!

Watch FB Live on Sunday, January 13, 2019,
at 3 PM (PT) for an hour with David and Jill!

If you join us live you can ask questions and make comments. However, you can also watch anytime later on since the show will be recorded and available indefinitely on my public FB Page.

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