Time-Limited Blow Out Sale! When Panic Attacks!

The 1 Dollar 99 Cents Anxiety Cure!

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Move Fast–Sale Ends December 9, 2018.

Hi therapists and patients alike,

In a totally unexpected and awesome development, my publisher has decided to make the eBook of When Panic Attacks available for a limited time for the ridiculously cheap price of $1.99 in the United States and Canada. I was thrilled to hear this, and applaud them for this bold move. When Panic Attacks has been invaluable for therapists and life-changing for thousands of people suffering from every form of anxiety (not just panic attacks).

I have heard through the grapevine that this sale will only last until December 9, 2018, so move fast. Get your copy right away–from any book seller you want! It’s already available for this price on and Barnes and Noble, and should be available from all booksellers by tomorrow if not already.

And please note my upcoming PESI workshop on the treatment of anxiety coming up later this week in San Francisco and early next week in Portland. Attend in person in SF or join us live or online for the Portland workshop which will be live-streamed so you can watch and learn from anywhere in the world.

In addition, note my three presentations at the Milton Erikson Brief Therapy Conference in Burlingame, California December 6 – 9, 2018. It promises to be a tremendous event, with chances to hear tons of top presenters.

I am still looking for volunteers from the workshops for the live demonstrations on the evenings of day 1 of the Anxiety Workshop in SF and Portland. Contact me right away if you plan to attend in person and think you might want help with some form of anxiety, such as public speaking anxiety, social anxiety, and so forth.

I am also looking for a volunteer for the live demonstration I will do with Jill Levitt in Burlingame at the Brief Therapy Conference on the morning of Friday, December 7th. The live work is almost always transformative and provides a tremendous opportunity for the one who volunteers for the “patient role” and for all of those who attend.

So if you think you might be interested in one of these three opportunities, let me know. Please be aware that the live sessions in Burlingame and in Portland (but not SF) will be videotaped for later distribution to therapists. So I am hoping for two brave volunteers who would not mind appearing on video for later generations!

This is a big step, since live work is, of course, quite personal. if you decide to withdraw your consent after the demonstration, you will have the chance to do so, but I hope that won’t happen, especially if the sessions is super-inspirational. Wonderful videos of live therapy work where you see sudden, profound, and lasting change can be extraordinarily helpful.


* * *

Some Cool Upcoming Workshops for YOU!


Powerful, Fast-Acting, Drug-Free Techniques 
to Defeat Anxiety & Worry

a 2-day workshop by David D. Burns, MD

November 29 and 30, 2018–San Francisco, CA (in person only)


December 3 and 4, Portland, Oregon (in person and live streaming)

PESI is proud to offer an exciting workshop by David Burns, M.D., a pioneer in the development of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). Achieve rapid and lasting recovery with all your anxious clients, just as Dr. Burns has done in over 35,000 therapy sessions with severely troubled clients. Become skilled at treating every type of anxiety without drugs.

In this unique 2-day certificate course you’ll master more than 20 treatment techniques to help your clients eliminate the symptoms of anxiety quickly – even your most challenging, resistant clients.

Dr. Burns will illustrate concrete strategies that provide rapid, complete recovery and lasting change for your patients. You’ll learn…

  • How to integrate four powerful treatment models to eliminate symptoms.
  • How to enhance your client’s engagement in therapy.
  • How to develop a treatment plan that specifically targets each client’s unique problems and needs.
  • …and so much more!

David will provide you with guided instruction and share powerful video sessions that capture the actual moment of recovery. You will take away practical strategies to use immediately with any anxious client. Leave this certificate course armed with tools you can use in your very next session!

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of America’s most highly acclaimed teachers!

Sponsored by PESI

To register, or for more information, call: 800-844-8260

* * *

Brief Therapy Conference, December 6 – 9, Burlingame, California

Sponsored by the Milton Erikson Foundation

1, Healing Yourself: A Live Demonstration of TEAM-CBT

on Friday, December 7, 2018, from  10:45  – 12:45 PM

Drs. David Burns and Jill Levitt will do a live therapy session
with a workshop volunteer.

2. “Great Conversations”

on Saturday, December 8, 2018, from  2:00  – 3:00 PM

Drs. Jeffrey Zeig and David Burns will discuss
treatment strategies for habits and addictions

3. Overcoming Therapeutic Resistance

Keynote Address by Dr. Burns on Sunday, December 9, 2018, from  2:30  – 3:30 PM

Dr. Burns will describe new techniques to reduce therapeutic resistance and trigger rapid recovery from depression, anxiety, and trauma

* * *