TEAM Training Opportunities!

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I talk a lot about how helpful TEAM can be–so here are some chances to learn how to use it with your clients / patients. The trainers listed below are superb! You’ll enjoy the technical skills you acquire and the warmth and support of the teachers as well as your colleagues at the training programs, too!

Feeling Good Institute (FGI) offers many training opportunities, as well as TEAM-CBT consultation groups for therapists. All of the course offerings are listed here and described below.

1. Mike Christensen’s twelve-week training: Comprehensive Live Online CBT Training for Therapists. Mike is a TEAM-CBT Level 4 Clinician and Trainer and a fantastic teacher. Space is strictly limited to fifteen participants to provide an intimate learning experience with lots of opportunity to practice, receive feedback, and improve your skills. This course meets weekly online for 12 weeks and starts Monday 1/7/19 (5-6:45pm PST, 8-9:45pm EST). 21 CE*s. $720.


2. Daniel Mintie’s online training: CBT Skills, Training, and Practice: A Case-Based Course. This course meets every other week for three months. Daniel is a Level 5 TEAM-CBT Therapist and Trainer with Feeling Good Institute and a warm and thoughtful teacher. Each class in this biweekly series will begin with a presentation of one or more aspects of the TEAM-CBT model, followed by practice using case material from participants clinical work or instructor case examples. Daniel’s course meets every other week online for 3 months and the next quarter starts Friday 1/4/19 (12-1:45pm PST). 10.5 CE*s. $395.

3. David Burns and Jill Levitt present: TEAM-CBT Methods for Unwanted Habits and Addictions: Step-by-Step Training for Therapists. Join us for a day of fun and inspiring learning on site in Palo Alto OR online from anywhere in the world. This workshop will teach you tools to reduce resistance and boost motivation to change as well as practical cognitive tools you can use with your patients to help them overcome difficult-to-stop habits and addictions. Join us for a highly interactive day with many case examples and opportunities for practice using role plays. Sunday February 3rd, 2019 (8:30am-4:30pm PST). 7 CE*s. $135

Jill and david 2

4. Jill Levitt’s four-week training: Melting Away Resistance in CBT. Jill is a Master Therapist and Trainer in TEAM-CBT and the Director of Training at Feeling Good Institute and a warm and engaging teacher. This course teaches you tools to reduce resistance and boost motivation with your patients–a skill set most therapists are eager to learn! There will be ample opportunities for role playing and practice. Jill’s course meets weekly online for 4 weeks and starts Friday 3/8/19 (11am-12:45pm PST). 10.5 CE*s. $360

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5. Jill Levitt’s six-week training: Practical CBT Methods for Depression, Anxiety, and Unwanted Habits. This course focuses on TEAM-CBT methods and includes didactic teaching as well as ample opportunities for role playing and practice. Jill’s course meets weekly online for 6 weeks and starts Friday 4/26/19 (11am-12:45pm PST). 10.5 CE*s. $36

The Feeling Good Institute also welcomes clinical referrals onsite in Mountain View, CANew York City, or via the video therapy program. FGI offers both traditional therapy (1 hr weekly sessions) as well as one-on-one intensive therapy consisting of many hours of individual therapy over a short period of time for more rapid and efficient results.


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And don’t forget . . .

David’s  Cool Upcoming Workshops for YOU!


Powerful, Fast-Acting, Drug-Free Techniques 
to Defeat Anxiety & Worry

a 2-day workshop by David D. Burns, MD

November 29 and 30, 2018–San Francisco, CA (in person only)


December 3 and 4, Portland, Oregon (in person and live streaming)

PESI is proud to offer an exciting workshop by David Burns, M.D., a pioneer in the development of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). Achieve rapid and lasting recovery with all your anxious clients, just as Dr. Burns has done in over 35,000 therapy sessions with severely troubled clients. Become skilled at treating every type of anxiety without drugs.

In this unique 2-day certificate course you’ll master more than 20 treatment techniques to help your clients eliminate the symptoms of anxiety quickly – even your most challenging, resistant clients.

Dr. Burns will illustrate concrete strategies that provide rapid, complete recovery and lasting change for your patients. You’ll learn…

  • How to integrate four powerful treatment models to eliminate symptoms.
  • How to enhance your client’s engagement in therapy.
  • How to develop a treatment plan that specifically targets each client’s unique problems and needs.
  • …and so much more!

David will provide you with guided instruction and share powerful video sessions that capture the actual moment of recovery. You will take away practical strategies to use immediately with any anxious client. Leave this certificate course armed with tools you can use in your very next session!

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of America’s most highly acclaimed teachers!

Sponsored by PESI

To register, or for more information, call: 800-844-8260

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Brief Therapy Conference, December 6 – 9, Burlingame, California

Sponsored by the Milton Erikson Foundation

1, Healing Yourself: A Live Demonstration of TEAM-CBT

on Friday, December 7, 2018, from  10:45  – 12:45 PM

Drs. David Burns and Jill Levitt will do a live therapy session
with a workshop volunteer.

2. “Great Conversations”

on Saturday, December 8, 2018, from  2:00  – 3:00 PM

Drs. Jeffrey Zeig and David Burns will discuss
treatment strategies for habits and addictions

3. Overcoming Therapeutic Resistance

Keynote Address by Dr. Burns on Sunday, December 9, 2018, from  2:30  – 3:30 PM

Dr. Burns will describe new techniques to reduce therapeutic resistance and trigger rapid recovery from depression, anxiety, and trauma

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