The End (for a while) of David’s Tuesday Tips

Hi colleagues,

Sadly, I have decided to cut back on a few activities, including the Tuesday tips, so I will have more time for my new book. Happily, it is not too far from being done, and I want to focus on making it as good as I can and getting it in the pipeline ASAP. I’m pretty excited about it, and hope it will be helpful for therapists and the general public as well.

My first book, Feeling Good, has been helpful to millions of individuals struggling with depression, and I’m hoping the new book will move psychotherapy as well as self-help forward even more. It will have all the latest techniques–and there have been tons of powerful and effective innovations in the treatment of depression and anxiety since I wrote Feeling Good.

By the way, it still works, so check it out if you haven’t read it, or if you have a depressed friend or loved one who hasn’t read it! There’s a good chance they’ll improve considerably if you give them a copy! It doesn’t cost much and works fairly rapidly with no side effects! (This has been documented in numerous research studies published in peer-refereed scientific journals.)

In addition, I’ve kind of run out of quasi-paradoxical Tuesday tips for a while, since I am putting all of my creative energy into the book and a couple other new projects I’m excited about.

If you liked the Tuesday tip feature, or if you have ideas for future tips, please let me know, as I could start this column again in the future when I have a bit more free time again.

In the meantime, my San Francisco intensive is coming up in less than two weeks, and I’m you can possibly join me there! We usually have a tremendous time.

See below for details.


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Hey, folks, my San Francisco summer intensive will start in a few weeks. it is always one of my BEST training programs of the year. The group will be quite small this year, giving you lots of chances for Q and A and personal connection with me, plus networking with your colleagues. In addition, many individuals from my Tuesday group at Stanford will join me to provide feedback and individual mentoring for you during the small group exercises.

Here are the specifics:

Coming Soon!

High Speed, Drug Free Treatment of Depression and Anxiety Disorders–A Four-Day TEAM-CBT Intensive

August 6 – 9, 2018, South San Francisco Conference Center, California
For more information, click here
or contact
phone: 800-258-8411

If you can only attend one of my workshops, consider this intensive! it is simplly


Seating is limited. Register now  if you want to get in on the action!

Hope to see you in San Francisco soon! David

18 thoughts on “The End (for a while) of David’s Tuesday Tips

  1. “Say it ain’t so.”

    I’ve loved your Tuesday Tips, with solutions on Wednesdays; and I’ll miss Them terribly until it returns!

    Necertheless, I fully understand your desire to spend more time and focus on your upcoming new book.

    Mike T. in San Antonio, Texas, USA

  2. Hi Dr. Burns-
    Yes, I do like the Tuesday Tips, so when you feel able, I hope you bring them back! But I am married to a NYT Bestselling author, and I know from our household how time-consuming writing can be. So I totally understand the need to concentrate on the book, and wish you the best with completing it. I look forward to reading it.

    • Thanks so much Mike! Appreciate your comments, and kudos to your wife / partner! What kinds of books does she write? d

      • Dear Dr Burns
        I really enjoyed reading your Tuesday tips, however I am more eagerly waiting for your new book, so it’s ok.
        Infact I am already amused and impressed by so much you already do..Sunday fb broadcast and Monday podcasts .. these are already great ongoing learning opportunities for me.. I am infact still struggling to put into practice alll that you have already tought.. so it’s absolutely fine if you don’t give anything additional for sometime atleast!
        Once thankyou very much for everything and lots of love to you..

  3. Thanks David. Yes thats good thing to invest time on your new book so that it comes out quickly and nicely. I am sure most of us are waiting for that. The other day on Amazon i saw the summary of feeling good and thought when would your new book arrive and I see a message here today ☺. Good luck. Thanks.

    • Thanks Rajesh, That summary is not authorized and I think it is kind of a terrible ripoff! Just my thoughts! But the publisher indicated it is difficult to fight this type of thing. These days, we are seeing a lot of the dark side of human nature, I fear! Always good to hear from you! david

      • Yes, thats not good. But, original IS original no matter how hard people try to imitate. Your style of writing and the connect you make with your readers and followers along with the techniques is difficult to match. Reading your book is like listening to You in a therapy session ☺. Wish you good luck! Thanks,

      • Thanks, Rajesh, I will keep your kind words in mind this morning while editing the new book! david

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