Flirting Training, Part 2, on FB Live, Sunday, June 23, 2018 at 3 PM PST!

More Fabulous Dating and Flirting Strategies with Angela Krumm, PhD

This week our amazing special guest, Angela Krumm, PhD, returns for Part 2 of her Flirting Training series. Angela is Clinical Director of the Feeling Good Institute in Mt. View, California ( She will discuss more successful dating strategies, including the specifics of how to flirt and meet attractive strangers. Before the show, feel free to review her fabulous list of copyrighted (but free for you!) Flirting Skills.

If you want to catch our first show (Angela Part 1), you can click here.

If you watch the new show live on my public FB page this Sunday at 3 PM. you can participate and ask questions during the show. Of course, you can watch the recording of the show anytime on my public FB page.

Your official “textbook” for the dating presentations will be my book, Intimate Connections, which you can purchase at

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