090: Interview from The Other Side

Finding Happiness without Antidepressants

Hi everybody!

I was recently interviewed by author, professor, and documentary filmmaker Roy Germano for his outstanding Other Side Podcast. Fabrice and I thought you might enjoy this interview, and Roy graciously gave us permission to share it with you.

You will get some personal glimpses into the early days of my career, including why I left academics to pursue a full-time private practice, along with some of controversies about antidepressants. You will also hear a story of what happened when I was trying, rather unsuccessfully, to get my first book, Feeling Good, published. It wasn’t easy, and it almost didn’t happen!

Roy is terrific and his podcasts cover a wide range of topics. You can find his podcasts on iTunes,

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4 thoughts on “090: Interview from The Other Side

  1. Hi David

    Since I have started trying to practise TEAM, I am actually experiencing profound improvements with my clients…without medication. I am referring your book Feeling good and Feeling good together very very extensively..I am eagerly waiting for your book Feeling great..
    I am already feeling so fulfilled as I am trying to practise this, specially Agenda setting is just so amazing!… I know I need to learn a lot yet and I hopefully will learn during the workshop I am going to attend at Whistler.
    I really want to introduce this concept to more and more colleagues.. I am planning to present a paper on TEAM CBT during an upcoming conference in India.. I want to take your permission for this and want to talk to you more about this when I meet you in July..


    • Thanks, Dipti, it is great to hear this! Cool idea, too, to present a paper! See you in whistler! d

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