David and Jill Show #3 Sets Record!

Watch the Third David and Jill Show on Intimacy Training!

Hi all!

The third David and Jill Show on Intimacy Training with guest Mike Christensen has set a new record of 1.6 thousand viewers in the first two days alone. You can still watch it!

David and Jill begin by reading a question from a viewer named Don who was having a conflict with his girlfriend. David, Jill, and Mike go review the five steps of the Relationship Journal and show how Don how he can transform his argument into a more open and loving dialogue using the Five Secrets of Effective Communication. During the show, Jill notices a live viewer who wrote, “I don’t like Jill” in the comment column. You will LOVE Jill’s masterful response, which illustrates the whole point of the show in real time. Then Mike describes how he bravely handled a painful criticism from his daughter who complained that he sounded phony.

Many people believe that the Relationship Journal is all about learning how to communicate more effectively, but it’s not. It’s really about the “Great Death” of the ego and how to develop interpersonal enlightenment. It’s a spiritual tool, which is exciting, but be careful–the death of the ego can be painful! Of course, the reward of greater trust and love is definitely worthwhile. The third David and Jill Show is definitely a “must see” show, and you can catch it any time that’s convenient for you.

Yesterday’s Feeling Good Podcast–live therapy with Daisy–also drew exceptionally well and was enthusiastically received. During the session, they address the question, “What’s the secret of a meaningful life?” Make sure you catch it if you have not listened yet!

Also, remember to register for the one-day David and Jill workshop on Sunday, May 20, 2018. It’s for mental health professionals. You’ll have a chance to learn the latest TEAM-CBT techniques and work on your own insecurities and feelings of self-doubt as well. We promise to bring roughly 60% of the audience into a state of joyous enlightenment, so don’t miss it!


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