David Live on Facebook: Do Psychiatrists Prescribe Too Much? Do “Mental Disorders” Exist?

The David Show!

March 4, 2018, 3 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi all!

The first two David and Jill Shows surpassed all expectations and were tremendous, in my opinion, but I am biased! I just think Jill is brilliant, amazing, and very compassionate. Last Sunday, we answered the question–how can you respond to blatantly racists comments using the Five Secrets of Effective Communication? A challenging question, for sure, but the answer was mind-blowing. Check it out if you haven’t seen that show yet! All the Sunday shows are posted on my public FB page for viewing any time you want.

The next David and Jill Show (Episode 3) will be next Sunday, March 11th, at 3 PM, by the way.

Tomorrow, on the “David Show,” I will have special guest Lisa Kelley, a TEAM-CBT therapist from Colorado who will be visiting and joining me on the show and on the Sunday hike as well. I will be answering your questions, as usual, including two recent and controversial questions:

  1. Do psychiatrists prescribe too much?
  2. Do “mental disorders,” as described in the DSM5, actually exist? (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, published by the American Psychiatric Association.)

Years ago, Thomas Szasz, MD wrote a popular and controversial book entitled The Myth of Mental Illness, in which, according to Wikipedia, he argued “against the concept of mental illness.” And yet, given the recent epidemic of horrific school shootings in Florida and elsewhere, it seems very compelling to believe that mental illness is not a myth, but a harsh reality. What does David Burns think? Tune in tomorrow and I’ll share my thinking on this, and any other mental health topics of interest to you!

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