David’s Most Trivial Posting Ever!

Hi visitors and members,

This may be my most trivial posting ever, but just wanted to share this fabulous cat photo I got from a colleague. Those of you who love cats will appreciate the photo. Those of you who aren’t so big on cats will likely find it boring.


I used to love dogs and hate cats, since cats are narcissistic, and that threatened my own narcissism! But my wife taught me how to be a cat person after our beloved Salty Dog died of colon cancer, and now I am totally in love with cats, who have actually taught me some deeply meaningful lessons that have helped me in psychotherapy.

You can read about my late and most beloved cat, Obie, who become my personal friend, at this link, if you are interested.

I’m off for my Sunday morning hike in a few minutes, but will be available this afternoon at 3 PM for my weekly Facebook videocast. If you have questions you want answered, email them to me now, so I can make sure I’ve got them, or simply type them in during the broadcast.


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