How to Leave an iTunes Review of the Feeling Good Podcasts

Hi visitors,

At least one listener has had problems leaving an iTunes review for our Feeling Good Podcasts. Fabrice has created some simple to follow instructions if you need help on this.

Fabrice and I hope you enjoy our Podcasts, and also hope you can leave some positive comments for us and some additional five star ratings. I think we’ve gotten all or nearly all five star ratings so far. If you are ever upset by anything we broadcast, feel free to email me with your concerns!

Fabrice and I will be recording a special series on the Five Secrets of Effective Communication tomorrow morning. We plan to publish these podcasts soon. They will include applications for therapists who want to improve their empathy skills with challenging patients / clients, as well as applications for all of us so we can improve our relationships with friends, family members, and colleagues.

We will feature one of the five techniques each week, with “assignments” for you so you can work on each technique for a week, and then the next week you can work on another technique between podcasts. I think it will be fun and interesting for you! The Five Secrets seem simple, but they actually require quite a lot of commitment and practice if you want to get good at using them. In addition, when you use them, you have to speak from the heart, in a genuine way. If you use them as techniques to try to manipulate someone, they will not be effective in most cases.

I’ve had a ton of great questions from all of you recently, so we’ll probably have some more “Ask David” Podcasts. In addition, I’ll be answering questions on my live FB “radio show” which has been moved to 3 PM west coast time. Feel free to join us on FB on Sundays!



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