Temporary Podcast Hiatus

Hi friends and colleagues,

Fabrice is taking a much deserved summer vacation break, so we will not be broadcasting any Feeling Good Podcasts this week or next week. We both apologize for the break, but want to thank you for your terrific support of our efforts!

By the way, both summer intensives were fabulous! I want to thank all those who attended in Canada (Banff) and in the United States (Burlingame, CA). I did live demonstrations at both, and they were tremendously rewarding and informative, except for a few participants who did not believe people could recover from depression and anxiety so rapidly and completely, and claimed that the live demonstrations with audience volunteers were staged! Some people have been taught that the treatment of depression is a long, slow process, and they have a hard time re-adjusting their expectations and beliefs, which is totally understandable.

With TEAM-CBT, the recovery is usually sudden. The very moment the patient stops believing the distorted negative thoughts, the mood almost instantly changes. This is more like the model of pain reduction when you take your hand off of a hot stove!

I have been posting much less recently to all my blogs because I am using my time and energy on my new book, which will be for all of you!

All the best,


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Thanks! David

5 thoughts on “Temporary Podcast Hiatus

  1. Oh wow, a new book! I am looking forward to hear from it. Thank you for giving your love, compassion, and timec to us with your books. GBY!

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  2. Dear Dr Burns,

    I have followed your blog and podcast for a long time, and I sincerely appreciate your and your coworkers excellent work. I also admire the courage which with Marilyn is facing her heartbreaking news. It really leaves you with tremendous hope. The TEAM podcasts did in fact help me break free from depression, and the results have been totally life changing. I feel a tremendous gratitude for this. Its really mindboggling when you start to realise that it is in fact your thoughts that create your feelings.

    Today i came across this recent article regarding ssri and their effects:


    Whats your take on this recent information? Do you find that it is still in line with what you believe regarding SSRI medications, or does it bring new light to it?

    With much respect,

    Martin Bunn

    • Thanks, Martin, I appreciate the encouragement!

      I glanced at the article you sent, but was not terribly impressed. The analysis of these articles requires quite a bit of technical work, examining the scales, the statistics, and such. When I put the time in to do that, I nearly always come to a conclusion very different from that of the authors. I also like to “follow the money.” Is the research paid for by a drug company, and do any of the authors have contracts with drug companies?


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